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Planning A Bachelorette Weekend Party

Planning A Bachelorette Weekend Party

Planning A Bachelorette Weekend Party? Whether you have plans to have a destination or hometown wedding, with your wedding dress already decided on, knowing how to plan your bachelorette party is very important. Whether you are the bride and still the mastermind of your bachelorette party, or you are a matron or maid of honor, faced with the task of planning one, you might not have an idea on how to plan for one let alone how to do it efficiently.

No matter how unique you want your wedding weekend to be, there is a formula that will make you have a perfect bachelorette party weekend. The following steps will guide you on how to plan a bachelorette weekend party in a foolproof and fun way.

  • Pre-Planning

If you are a bridesmaid or maid of honor, at this stage, you will have to pick the bride’s information regarding how she wants her bachelorette party to be; a weekend that she has always dreamt about. If you are a bride planning your bachelorette party, you will need to grab a cup of tea or coffee with your maid of honor or the planning committee and share the inspirations and ideas that you have up your sleeves.

Details such as the theme, location, guest list, and time frame plus other smaller details such as whether to put on matching outfits or the kind of excursion to be on the itinerary, are important to note before you start the planning process.

Is the bride in need of being involved in the larger planning part, or does she want to be given a surprise? Who will be paying for what, and how long are people required to save? Will there be a need for people to ask for time off their work? Try gathering all the essential details beforehand, so that, by the time the real planning starts, there is no essential unknown.

Planning A Bachelorette Weekend Party

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  • Get Your Bridal Party On Board

Just like with the wedding, you will need to save the dates. Ensure to send the information to your guest ahead of time. It is important because it will enable you to lock in the guest list and ensure that everyone has enough time to plan as well as save up. Save the dates will also help everyone to start pitching in the bachelorette party planning.

It is not a must that the invites have to be expensive. You can utilize online invitations as they are free, fun, and at no risk of anyone losing the information. If you don’t have all the information yet, include the location, date, and email in case of inquiries.

  • Share The Great Details

Immediately, you have an idea of who will be involved with the bachelorette weekend, you can start finalizing the big details when it comes to the planning of the party. Choose an Airbnb or hotel, find the details for the flight or the rental car and ensure you lock in any things that are must-haves such as spa-reservations so that you don’t miss out on them. Before you pay, you have to discuss with the bride (if it is a MOH planning). Once everything is agreed, try to stick to it for your planning to be smooth.

  • Set Deadlines

Now that you have decided, you have to do the booking meaning, you will need the money from people on your guest list—set booking deadlines and when the money should be channeled to you so that you lock everything in.

You can decide to front your money and get refunds for the guests later on. But this can be avoided if you plan well in advance and alert the guest on the deadlines for booking. Once you have the cash, make the booking. If the guests are booking for their transportation and flights, set a deadline for that too.

  • Plan The Itinerary

Since you have finalized on the guest list, lodging, location, and transportation, and you have locked them, it is a fun time. You have to start planning for your activities for the bachelorette party day.

Yes, it might be overwhelming. Thus, you need to give yourself plenty of time. You don’t have to over-think, ask for help if necessary. It is better to under-plan than over-plan when it comes to a bachelorette party. Moreover, it will safe you from feeling anxious about everything later on.

Instead of planning for so many events on each day, pick a few events that are key with a consultation with the bride, and leave enough free time.

You have to plan for where you are going to eat. No need to spend time arguing about restaurants. Sidestep that by researching and reserve some tasty spots before time –dinners and brunches might be a great way to plan.  For breakfast and lunch, you can leave them free unless you have a specific place in mind. Once you’ve planned everything, let the crew have the itinerary so that they start getting excited.

  • Order Décor, Props, And Necessities

With the weekend for the bachelorette getting closer, it is now time to check out the small details. Please make a list of everything you need as well as want to take to the bachelorette party to make it perfect. Decorations, essentials for the dinning such as plates and cups. Most importantly, personal details such as a collage picture of the bride and her partner, custom swimsuits/PJ/sweats, and banners.

When gathering them, you have to remember that it is not a must to have more. Try not going overboard or else, you will waste money. Ask help from the bridesmaids during this particular part. It is better to find out if it is possible to ship your orders directly to your homestay or hotel. This will help to make sure that there will be no lug in your carry on.

  • Involve Partner

This is an easy and quick step when it comes to planning for a bachelorette weekend party. However, it’s a very important one. It is time to reach the bride’s partner and find out how they wish to help in planning. Are they planning to send flowers directly to the hotel or pick up a one-night bar tab? Do they plan to show up at the party for a quick dance?

Make the bachelorette weekend lit by embracing the above ideas. Get more ideas about the bachelorette party by visiting the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


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