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Planning A Nautical Wedding On A Budget

Planning A Nautical Wedding On A Budget

Interested in Planning A Nautical Wedding On A Budget? In the past few years,  it has become a norm for newlyweds that they must have a wedding theme. It means that everything from wedding dresses, wedding cake, invitation cards, and decorations have to be as per a specific theme that you have picked as a couple. With that, the whole story of the wedding is well-coordinated, and everything looks great to the last details.

It would help if you strive for perfection, but at the same time, save on your budget. If you want to wed during the summer, nautical themed wedding might be the way to go. In this particular theme, the details are essential if you want to capture the whole seaside atmosphere.

If you happen to be among the lucky ones that have planned for an outdoor wedding or a beach or a boat, then this is a theme that will not be problematic for you, and you will quickly achieve the atmosphere. But if you are not, there will be a need for more details, and as you try to save some money, a lot more DIY and imaginations have to be applied.

Classic sailor symbols such as seashells, anchors, sailor strips, sand, or even fish might be a requirement on this wedding theme, and you will likely save money by doing a DIY, thereby spending more on other important things like location and food. Here are the best tips on how to plan A Nautical Wedding On A Budget!

  • Nautical Wedding Venue On a Budget

With a nautical themed wedding, you might decide to opt for the beach as your wedding venue. And it is quite understandable. There might be no better way of getting married other than in sand, barefooted, with the crashing sound of waves on the shores, and your veil being swayed by the wind. Not to mention that it is picture-perfect.

But when deciding on a specific location on the beach for your wedding, you will need to be very careful. In most instances, beaches are windy, and thus, you will need to pick an area that is sheltered from the direct wind or a cove.

It is also a good idea to have a plan B under your sleeve in case the weather becomes hostile. Have a tent option or check with the nearby places for an indoor space. If you want something a bit unique, you can go for a lighthouse. Apart from having the charm, it is mysterious, historic, and quite affordable than you might think. And it brings out a unique experience for you and your guests.

Planning A Nautical Wedding On A Budget

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  • Wedding Dress

When selecting a location for your wedding, it might probably be one of the most crucial steps, but you have to know that the wedding dress is what might just wow the guests. If you have settled for a nautical themed wedding, calls for you to go for a relaxed, romantic gown.

When choosing the dress, you need to consider several factors. Think all that wind and sand. Look for lightweight, flowing fabrics such as chiffon and organza, fabric that is best for the sea breezes. Having trains on the beach are problematic as they pull in the sand and end up becoming dirty in the shortest time possible. Having that in mind,  go for a short wedding gown, it will look amazing, and you will not have to worry about the sand.

If you want to be unique as a bride in a bespoke dress with a difference, get an elegant dress made from pure silk fabric with a tulle overlay skirt and dip-dyed in a frost gray subtle. It is a dress that is perfect for a nautical themed wedding. It is elegant while lightweight. Let it have a V neckline, a bodice that is stunning in a lace leaf that is hand-sewn and beautiful open back.

  • Nautical Wedding Cake

The cake has to be part of the wedding, and has to fall within your chosen theme. It is one of the essential focal points during the day of the wedding. The select cake that is more compatible with the season and the style of the venue.

You can decorate your cake using sea treasures such as coral, shells,  and pearls, and it is going to look amazing.  If you want something alternative, then go for cupcakes. Decorate the cupcakes with seashells and blue icing made from white chocolate. You need to be creative.

If you want to go the healthy way, you can decide to serve cookies or raw cakes. Although the cakes might be the traditional choice that most couples go for,  it might be exciting and enjoyable to serve fresh ice cream at your nautical themed wedding. You can even decide to ask the ice cream makers to be a vendor so that your guests can help themselves with their favorite flavor.

  • Makeup And Hair Styling

You will mostly settle for a nautical themed wedding during the summer. And you know what that means. Humidity, high temperatures, sweat, and sun are the order of the day. Because of these reasons, makeup for summer requires a fresh, natural, no-makeup look. It takes effort and great makeup products, with the results coming amazingly.

  • Nautical Wedding Groom Attire

Because there is a need for a groom to shine, it is essential to select an appropriate outfit. Moreover, you need to pick details that come with it. Because of the nautical themed wedding, you can do away with the classic black suit and choose one in gentler colors. For example, sand color, beige, light blue, sand color, or navy blue.

You don’t need to have a jacket when embracing the nautical style. Since it is all about being relaxed, you can afford to put on a white linen shirt that is unbuttoned. Instead of putting on shoes, you can decide to put on loafers. As far as accessories are concerned, you can choose a fun bow tie or even just a vest. Go for airily and light materials, they will fit nautical themed wedding.

  • Nautical Wedding Invitations On A Budget

When it comes to weddings, invitation cards play a very significant role. They are the ones that start your wedding story. With a nautical themed wedding, it would be great inform your guests about the wedding theme in place.

Save while planning your nautical themed wedding on a budget by using the above ideas. For a smooth wedding planning, get information from The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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