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Popular Wedding Themes Explained

Popular Wedding Themes Explained

Wondering about popular wedding themes? Wedding ceremonies tend to have a language of their own, and though by the time you get dressed in your best wedding dress and walk down the aisle, you will know your boutonnieres from your Bomboniere, the first thing that you should tackle is concerning your wedding themes.

Here are the most popular wedding themes explained!

  • Traditional or Classic Wedding Theme

A traditional or classic wedding is often a formal occasion which includes a sit-down dinner that has a three-course meal at the reception. It is the most popular wedding themes. If that is your type of wedding, you have to include getting married in a church typically, the bride wearing a gown that is classy styled, usually a princess ball gown type, in white as well as celebrations that are formal following the ceremony.

The groom wears a classic tuxedo, black. And the groomsmen will also wear a tuxedo or a formal suit. The bridal party of such a wedding consists of several members, including page boys, flower girls, junior bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearers, and ushers.

Formal celebrations that are common in traditional or classic weddings include professional wedding photos, speeches, cutting of cakes, mother-son and father-daughter dances, first dance, and the bouquet and garter toss.

If you get married in a church, there might be a further cultural or religious tradition that is included in the ceremony.  In certain cultures, once you are done with the ceremony starting, the bridal party will have to wait in a receiving line at the altar so that the guests can pass past them and congratulate the bridal party.

Popular Wedding Themes Explained

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  • Bohemian Romance

It is a wedding that has a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere. It is a wedding that is often conveyed through the bride and bridesmaids’ choices of styling, the choice of venue and the location, style of ceremony, and decoration.  Such weddings usually incorporate natural elements, whether the wedding is being held in greenery or outside and floral decoration used to decorate the indoor location.

  • Contemporary Elegance

With elegance and contemporary wedding, it is a formal event. While it might have some traditional and classical foundations, it comprises of a contemporary twist.

This twist can be a design that is modern like a wedding venue that is not traditional or a wedding dress that is non-traditional. You can also implement a modern take when it comes to styling, invitations, decorations, and flowers.

It is a classic wedding that has some elegant, yet focused on-trend, styling choices, making the overall wedding to be speeches and a sit-down dinner. An elegant and contemporary wedding includes all the important players in the bridal party. For instance, groomsmen, bridesmaids, page boys, and flower girls.

  • Vintage Style

A vintage wedding means that the wedding styling will be full of a bygone era. In most vintage themed wedding examples, they refer to the Victorian era as well as the 40s and 20s. You can easily tie this theme to your makeup, the garments, and hairstyles. Moreover, make sure to include the theme in the venue, decor and floral arrangements.

A vintage wedding might or might not include a sit-down dinner. However, a cocktail wedding tends to be more applicable when it comes to cocktail parties. You can also have elements of that period as an entertainment for your guests. For example, play Jazz music of the 20s, have a vintage photo booth, vintage vintage cars and games. All of them enhance the vintage theme. While the vintage theme is formal occasions, it might not include all the formalities involved in the traditional wedding or the bridal parties members.

  • Romantic Vineyard Wedding Theme

A wedding held in a vineyard is an eye-catching celebration that is natural, with beautiful surroundings. The ceremony could be either indoors or outdoors. Often, the elements of styling will reflect the landscape that surrounds it. For example, a vineyard wedding bond well with rustic styling choices and elements.

A vineyard wedding might focus on wine, food, and local produce. Therefore, it mainly a sit-down dinner. A vineyard wedding might be informal or formal as you may wish, and the key players in the party are present.

  • DIY Wedding

It is a wedding in which you make many decorations, Bomboniere, and styling elements on your own. A DIY is a smart casual event and might consist of a sit-down dinner or go for a cocktail party style approach.

DIY wedding are also great for couples who want to keep their expenses and low. You can go to the extent of making your dress,  bouquet, and even do your hair and makeup. It is a wedding which might or might not include formalities. Thus, you can choose as few or as many members of the bridal party as you so wish.

  • Rustic Wedding Theme

A rustic themed wedding or style is a theme that is inspired by the countryside simplicity. Thus couples usually opt to have it outdoors. A rustic themed wedding usually has rustic elements such as metal, timber, and natural unstructured flowers and bouquet.

Rustic weddings typically work best in simpler wedding venues. For instance, sheds, barns, vineyards, and outdoor under a tree or a marquee. For the reception, opt for a sit-down dinner. Some of the rustic weddings might have a wedding ceremony and wedding reception at the same location or on the same property.

There are some formalities which might be present. However, a rustic wedding is a laidback and relaxed event, as compared to formal weddings. You might decide to choose to have many members of your bridal party, a few or none at all, as you so wish.

  • Beach Wedding Theme Explained

 A beach wedding is typically a relaxed occasion guests who can wear less formal outfits. Most of the beach weddings include a wedding ceremony on the beach and wedding reception at a nearby venue.

You might opt to take a relaxed approach when it comes to your wedding attire. Thus as a bride you can wear sandals, or go barefooted. A beach wedding might consist of a large or small bridal party. However, you can opt to have a beach ceremony that is intimate with just a few close family members and friends.

Even though all the above are popular wedding themes, pick one that will blend well with your wedding planning. The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide is where you will get more information on all types of wedding planning.


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