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Revolutionizing Your Wedding Reception Venue

Revolutionizing Your Wedding Reception Venue

Wondering how can you revolutionize your wedding reception venue? Just like your wedding dress, your wedding reception should not just follow the norms of the traditional wedding reception. You can spice it up with the following ideas to ensure that you have something for your guests that will make them discuss your wedding for a very long time.

Utilize the following ideas on revolutionizing your wedding reception venue and receive a reception that is out of this world!

  • Save the planet

If you like being environmentally friendly, then you should ensure that you recycle, reduce, reuse for your wedding ceremony, as well as your wedding reception. There are different ways in which to do that. You can decide to use dishware that is recyclable for your meals, avoid the fireworks, and buy carbon offsets for those guests who are out of town. Go for a donation of your extra food, flowers, and your wedding dress after you are through with the event. It could be a wedding idea that will leave you feeling good.

  • A bubbly bar

Ensure your toast time is delicious by allowing guests to have their customized champagne. Lavender sprigs, dishes filled with fruit purees, flavored ice cubes, and citrus twists, which you can spoon quickly into your glasses full of bubbly, making the toast to be more fun.

  • Hip after-party

Instead of going straight to the next door bar after the end of your reception, you can plan a post-wedding party for you together with your guests who are hard party animals. You can book a space with a unique vibe from the one at your wedding reception like a karaoke club or a relaxed patio bar to offset the formal ballroom so that you continue with your party.

  • Perform a sibling dance

The mother-son dance, father-daughter dance, are traditions for weddings that are well -established. But the sad thing is that not all mothers and fathers can be present at weddings. Instead of avoiding the dance, you can choose one or two siblings and bring them out on the dance floor to dance with you. A sibling dance will allow you to celebrate the people who have known you for a long time and have been with you through thick and thin. It is also an excellent chance to bring out a move from your childhood song and have some fun choreographed.

  • A great guest book

You should think beyond the normal guest book. To be creative, you can create a jigsaw puzzle of your photo and let your guests sign an individual piece. Or you can decide to put out a silver tray that has

Revolutionizing Your Wedding Reception Venue

@ameliamariephoto L’Amour by Calla Blanche Tatum LA8223

engraving pens to allow guests to curve great memorable messages on a keepsake that is useful to you.

  • All over lighting

Your venue can be revolutionized creatively with lights. Project snow or falling leaves to add to the drama of an otherwise beige, boring wall. Try also adding a funky geometric pattern or your monogram to the dance floor. You can decide to go back to the basics by lighting up the perimeter of the room to change the space instantly. It will make your guests so very impressed.

  • Amazing wedding music

Though a string quartet is okay, you are going to blow your guests by offering them with a Spanish guitar player or a jazz trio. To ensure that the party continues while the cocktail hour is ongoing, hire a mariachi band, a barbershop quartet, or a blue glass group to give out some memorable melodies.

  • Family tree seating chart

After working and figuring out the seating chart, allow the conversation over dinner to start by showing your guests how they are connected. You can create a particular sign to show the relationship existing between the guests. It is an idea that will break the ice, especially for those who have not met before.

  • An entryway that is decked-out

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a great floral arrangement. However, the first impression that your guests encounter is significant. Thus, take time to think out what your reception entry will be like. Add a variety of flower arrangements to your escort card table. You can also let your stationer come up with a stylish seating chart for display. A table having your engagement photo, photo album for your parent’s wedding and anything else from the family artifacts could be a meaningful addition.

  • A first dance confetti drop

One of the highlights of your wedding will be your first dance. Thus, ensure that it is extra special to bring the entertainment to another level and get some serious photo ops. If the song you will be dancing to will be romantic and slow, have flower petals which are fresh, instead of dropping the confetti from the ceiling.

Your florist and rental company can work together to ensure that it happens. Moreover, you should not forget to ensure that the wait staff at the reception will stand by to do the cleanup.

  • Ceremony exit that is show-stopping

If you get it right, your exit from the ceremony will be the moment that you will be photographed most. Thus forget about the birdseed, and rose petals. Revamp your exit by ensuring you pass small colorful items. For example, confetti bags, mini beach balls, paper airplanes, or the lavender buds for everyone to throw them your way. You can decide to own a mini parade by passing out noisemakers or parasols for your guests to escort you to your getaway car.

  • A video booth

For a unique appearance on the photo booth trend, you can rent a video booth. There your guests can record a quick message for you. Inquire from your videographer to edit some of the best clips into your wedding video. You can also post these videos on your wedding website, and in your thank you notes, encourage guests to check them out.

When you get it right with your wedding reception, the results will be great. With these revolutionizing wedding reception venue ideas your wedding day will be stunning. For a grand wedding start, check out The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


Header Image Credit: @ameliamariephoto

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