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Bride’s Survival Guide: The 90s Wedding Ideas To Use

Whether you are a millennial bride, but with a side that is nostalgic or you want to enjoy a unique wedding day, then this 90s wedding ideas might be what you should consider. If you have noticed, most of the fashion trends of the 90s are currently here and trending, including the wedding dress. Whether you were born or grew up in the 90s, you might want to embrace your childhood days into your wedding day.

Enter the 90s themed wedding with glittery accents, neon-bright colors palettes, and even moon bounces might be the ideas that couples have started to use for weddings showing that it is a trend that has just begun. Whether you are a 90s kid or not, the below ideas might be what you are looking forward to making your ideal wedding.

  • Geometric invitations: Your wedding invitation is the first thing about your wedding that will come to your guests’ attention. Geometric motifs such as prisms tend to be more eye-catching when you add a gold color palette and bright fuchsia.
  • Rainbow wedding band: It is a rainbow stone band that is eternity such as grown-up beaded necklaces and bracelets which every 90s girl made during summer camps. Please put it on together with a white diamond engagement ring or combine it with an alternative gemstone ring that is colored to bring out the awesomeness in the rainbow.
  • A crop top wedding gown: To bring out the ultimate 90s vibe for brides, choose a wedding dress to the minimal with details that bring out the throwbacks, such as skirt slits, or the puffy shoulder sleeves. The stylish option should be cropped tops if you want to move fashion-forward.
  • Satin bridesmaid dress: The 90s school dances in the gym can be stirred in your wedding with high shine satin fabric. The material can be very chic and, at the moment, trending for cool bridesmaid dresses. Halter strap and spaghetti gowns in colors that are muted, such as sage green, mauve, dove gray, and dusty blue, are some of the favorite ways to wear satin in a way that is updated.
  • Flannel shirts: Try wearing a matching flannel button down as you get ready with your wedding party.
  • Graffiti wall: If your wedding venue is in a town setting, you need to do some scouting before your wedding day to find out if there is a graffiti mural or wall that is close to your wedding venue. It is essential to plan to leave adequate time on your wedding day to make a quick stop to bring out a few portraits in front of the wall.
  • Holographic place setting: Use holographic flatware, iridescent charger plates, and special acrylic wedding menus for table scape that are celestial inspired and unique.
  • Tie dye: Whether it is your table cloth, a pair of sneakers or your wedding stationery, you cannot have a 90s wedding without including a tie-dye somewhere. Remove your skills in tie-dye of your childhood to bring out a custom pattern and your wedding color combo.
  • Shimmery makeup: From roll-on body glitter to shiny lip gloss and sparkly eyeshadow gel, you don’t need to be reminded that the 90s was all about the shimmer. If you still have the Caboodle kit, this might be the right time to ensure you break it out, because the makeup when frosted, gives a back look with a more ethereal, natural approach.

Products such as liquid highlighters, iridescent powders, creamy lip crayons, and metallic eyeliner can be used to bring out a radiant, glowing bridal look on your wedding day. The key is to be extra light-handed with your products for a makeup that looks as if you don’t have any makeup – a natural look.

  • Jean jacket: The current trend is bridal jackets, and the denim style blends well with the 90s. You have to remember that the denim style should include patches.
  • Ombre veil: If you think putting on a white veil is too traditional, then you can try out an ombre style instead. On the other hand, you can try out a colored veil that has colorful embroidery or embellishments that are sparkly.
  • Balloon arch: With the 90s wedding theme, including a pop of color at your wedding venue might be the way to go instead of a giant arch made of balloons. Guests will love getting their photos taken or even taking some selfies in front of this backdrop that might be eye-catching.

  • Platform heels: Do you have plans to put on high heels as your wedding shoes? Then you can go for a thick platform-style made of velvet. While doing it, for a look of the 1990s. Plus, with the thick heels, your feet will be comfortable as you move around throughout the day.
  • Origami backdrop: Whether it is made from cootie catchers or paper cranes, an origami backdrop is one ways to give your wedding décor a quirky throwback vibe. If you are feeling rusty when handling your origami skills, you can go for simple paper chains if you so wish.
  • Moon bounce: Apart from the helium balloons being the 90s birthday party staple to include in your wedding décor. Moon bounce is currently trending and it might be exciting.
  • Glitter manicure: If the basic pink or nude nail polishes are not your things, then you can try out a glitter manicure. Use star-shaped confetti and metallic silver nail polish for a galactic inspired manicure, which are approved for the 90s wedding.
  • Center hair part: There are a variety of 90s inspired hair elements, especially the style of parting hair in the center. It is a natural look to recreate your wedding ceremony with the new hair being an alternative that is refreshing to typical hairstyles of curls.
  • Colorful escort cards: Add more color to your wedding décor with a rainbow style chart for seating or a display for the escort card.
  • Sunglasses: Looking for a spunky photo? Then rock in the 90s colorful sunglasses with your wedding party, give them out when the guests are on the dancing floor as a favor. Or you can decorate them as place cards alternative on your reception tables.

Get started with the 90s themed wedding, and you will love it. The ultimate bride’s survival guide more information regarding other things that will make your wedding day perfect.


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