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Bride’s Survival Guide: Things To Do During Bridal Showers

So you have set the bridal shower date, and everything is in order. Guests have received the invitations, and you have started accepting the RSVPs, so what next? It is time to think about what is going to be done during the bridal shower. You can bring in the topic of the best wedding dress for the bride. Let it be a topic. But if the bride has already settled on what she thinks is the best wedding dress, skip that topic and concentrate on doing the following.

  • Set up a bridal shower gift station: Unlike the engagement parties when it is optional to bring gifts. In the bridal shower, it is a must to come with a gift. There is a set time where everyone will have to sit with the bride while she opens the gift to ensure no gift is misplaced.

Create someplace where the guests will be able to put their gifts on arrival, such as a side table. You can create a picnic table and cover it with some linen or the right fabric if you are planning to develop your gift station. Ensure each gift is opened by the bride, record who brought which gift to enable the bride to write to her to thank you notes.

  • Come up with a ribbon bouquet: As the bride to be is busy opening the gifts, have one of the wedding party members to collect all the ribbon to be used to create a decorative bouquet. Apart from being a pretty keepsake or a check on how to come up with a list for the bridal shower, it is traditionally required that the bride has had a ribbon bouquet coming from the bridal shower party during the rehearsal.
  • A toast for the bride to be prepared: The bride will have to say a few words to thank all guests present for coming. It is also the right time for everyone present to congratulate the bride on being official. It is not a must that the toast is too formal or too long. It needs to be short and sweet where you do an introduction and say something pleasant to all present.
  • Passing favors to bridal shower guests: It is always a good idea that, during a bridal shower, there should be some favor as a way of thanking the guests. The favors for bridal showers can vary, ranging from edibles such as cookies that are frosted to wearables such as sunglasses and wrist bands. There are a variety of options that can efficiently work for whatever shower theme you settle for, and guests will be happy to take a gift home too.

Bridal shower planning questions and answers

  • Who is supposed to plan the bridal shower?

Traditionally, a bridal shower is planned and hosted by the matron or maid of honor. Parents, bridesmaids, and other family members, at times, help out through cooking, decorating, and coordinating the party’s logistics.

  • Who needs to pay for the bridal shower?

The person who hosts traditionally is the one responsible for the costs of the bridal shower. If it is being co-hosted with the bride’s relatives or bridesmaids, the cost can be split evenly.

  • What is the budget for a bridal shower?

There is no fixed amount of money that you need to spend when hosting a bridal shower party. The cost varies from one bridal shower party to the next depending on where it takes place, the number of guests you invite, the type of decorations, and the beverages and food served. You can decide to hold a bridal shower party on a minimal budget by hosting it at your house, keeping the refreshments and food simple, and avoiding elaborate favors.

  • Do you get a bridal shower gift as well as a wedding gift?

If you have been invited to a bridal shower party, the tradition has been to purchase a gift for the bride to be and then purchase another one for the couple as their wedding gift. Depending on your relationship with the bride, you can buy a simple gift for the bridal shower, then a more elaborate one for the couple’s wedding day.

  • What type of food should be served at a bridal shower party?

The menu at the bridal shower party needs to compliment the party’s theme, the time it is being held, and the personal preference of the bride. If the bride loves certain types of sandwiches, you can go ahead and serve bite-sized types as desserts or appetizers. In case your budget allows, consider a meal that is catered to from a favorite restaurant.

Cheese plates, crudites, salads, fresh fruits, and pasta dishes are some of the popular choices for bridal shower party menus. Give out a variety of sweet treats like cupcakes, pastries, doughnuts,  or brownies. It would help if you never left out drinks. Apart from the non-alcoholic drinks, you can decide to set up a DIY sangria or mimosa bar so that guests can be able to create their type of refreshments.

  • How long should your bridal shower party last?

Most of the bridal shower parties last between two hours to four hours. They do take place during the early afternoon or late morning, and thus, you will have to think in terms of a brunch or a luncheon.

The above things to do during bridal showers will help you when planning yours. You can add to the list as per your creativity. It is just an inspiration to open up your imagination so that you come up with things you think can fit well during your bridal shower.

With the questions and answers, most of the questions that you might be having about bridal showers have been answered. In case there is something more you want to know, then get onto the ultimate bride’s survival guide. It has all the information regarding bridal showers, how to plan, organize, and execute. There is also other information about wedding planning, which you might utilize to get your wedding on the right path.

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