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Bride’s Survival Guide: Things You Might Not Know Concerning Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

With a lot of things to think about concerning your big day preparations, including where you will get the best wedding dress, it might be hard to devote the right amount of energy and time to everything. But one thing that should have enough time is your wedding planning.

Even if you are not the most religious couple, or you are not religious at all, the wedding preparations serve as a foundation for the celebration. That is the reason why all your loved ones and relatives have come together to witness you becoming married.

There are several parts which are involved in the wedding planning, most of the time, couples only focus on getting a good officiant and not realizing how many other decisions and considerations will have to be made about the important part of the wedding day.

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Whether you are working with a pastor from your church, choosing a friend or relative to officiate, or hiring a professional officiant, you have to prepare to personalize and ensure to provide input on various items.

The following are some of the things which you have to know regarding wedding planning which you might be unaware of until it is too late.

  • It is not a must you write your vows: Writing your own vows is a personal preference, and it might turn out to be special if you decide to pick on it.  It is possible to choose your vows and read them at your wedding ceremony, but you also have an option of researching and finding sample vows which you can choose from.  If you feel uncomfortable speaking in a gathering, the officiant might ask both of you to hold each other’s hands and then repeat the vows after them. It is not something that will diminish your vows in any way.
  • Choose your officiant wisely: You are likely going to benefit a lot if you pick a professional officiant. If you invite a relative or friend to officiate your wedding ceremony, it is a big favor you are asking from them. Some will feel honored that you have asked them to officiate, but in a real sense, don’t know what is required of them. You will have to ensure you take them for coaching by a professional officiant, which might end up being expensive.
  • Plan the guest list: Who will walk, stand, sit where and at what time? You need to know this information in advance so that you can prepare, plan, and rehearse about it. When it comes to planning, you are free to talk to your planner and officiant about what will work best for your chosen venue.
best wedding dresses

L’amour by Calla Blanche LA20223 Chicago @melialucida

You should decide if you prefer the traditional processionals or want to embrace a more modern approach.  At times, it happens that, you arrive at the rehearsal, and find that you have not thought about how your wedding party is going to walk down the aisle. It doesn’t matter how you choose to arrange your processional as there is no specific standard in modern times.

If you are getting married in a church, then you will have to learn more about the traditional style of doing things. But if you are having an indoor, outdoor, or a venue that is non-religious, then your processional options are limitless.

  • Give enough time to the wedding ceremony during the preparation process: If you want to use shortcuts while planning for your wedding, don’t allow your wedding ceremony to be neglected during the planning stage. You have to ensure that it has enough time so that you plan it in the right way. It is the peak of the day; if it goes wrong, nothing else will seem right in the eyes of your guests.

Each state and country has its own specific and definite rules in regard to marriage ceremonies which have to be followed. There are somewhere you will need to have at least two witnesses sign the marriage certificate.

It is the responsibility of the officiant to insure that the marriage license is filed after the ceremony is over within a certain time frame, where the original was filed. In most cases, the filing has to be done within 72 hours after the wedding ceremony.

  • Understand everything about timing: The amount of time it will take to finish your wedding ceremony will have an impact on the other events of your wedding day, including cocktail hour, reception, and receiving line. If the formals for the family are to be taken after the ceremony is over, you need to ask the family members whom you will take the portraits with to stay in one place so that the photographer will have an easy time getting the post-ceremony photos. If the guests don’t know if they are to stay after the wedding ceremony, they may be driving off immediately after the ceremony.
  • You need to be aware that, changing of names is not automatic: To change your name to incorporate your spouse’s name is not an automatic thing and you will find out that, it is a long process. It is something that you have to plan and do after the wedding day has come and gone.

There will be a need to notify the change of name to the Social Security office and other departments such as the Motor Vehicle department for your driving license to be changed.

Your place of employment, your credit card companies, your bank, and many more are some of the many places that have to be notified about the name change. For this particular reason, you will need to apply for at least two marriage licenses from the city or town where you applied for your license. There are some places that require an original license, while others you will have to present a sealed copy of the marriage certificate, and thus, you have to ensure it is available.

With the above information, you will be well informed and thus, avoid blunders that other couples have made in the past. Get more information about planning your wedding by checking the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


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