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Bride’s Survival Guide: Tips For Planning For A Bridal Shower Successfully

A bridal shower is a great way to officially be celebrated as a bride to be. Not only is it one of the first pre-wedding events where family and friends from both sides can meet one another, but it is also full of fun, snacks, décor, games, and gifts – it is an excuse to be fancy. It can also allow you to choose people who will take you out for your wedding dress fitting.

If you are searching for a bridal shower plan, consider this article to have all the details that you require. Whether you are a seasonal planner for bridal showers in need of some end of the day advice or you are about to host your first wedding party and don’t have an idea where to begin, the article covers a lot.

What happens at bridal showers?

Traditionally, during a bridal shower, it used to be an all-female affair for you, the bride, your bridesmaids, and close female friends and relatives from both sides of the family such as cousins, aunts, and grandmothers. Activities include mixes of eating either casual hors d’oeuvres or seated meals, playing of games, and guests mingling with one another.

The main event is the shower and the bride being spoilt. In other words, she is able to open the gifts, which are what the guests have purchased after checking the registry. Most bridal showers are themed to reflect the interests of the bride, whether that means a tropical island-themed celebration or a vintage themed tea party.

How to plan a bridal party

  • Decide on a budget for the bridal shower: Before you settle on a menu or choosing a theme, the first step is to decide on your bridal shower budget. The person hosting the shower is the one responsible for the bills, and while the first instinct might be to go all out and spoil the bride, you need to choose an amount that you can afford easily without the need to use a lot of money.
  • Set the shower date: You should start to plan for the bridal shower at least five months before the wedding and not less than four months. The bridal shower should take at least two months before your big day. If it is not the bride’s planning, you, as the planner, should consult the bride before planning for the date to ensure it works well with her schedule and also that she communicates with her family members.
  • Create a guest list for the bridal shower: After you settle on a date, you have to start planning for the bridal shower and whom to invite. Let the bride give you a list of the people she thinks should be invited as well as the physical address for the guests. The final count of guests should be between 25 to 50 people depending on where you will be hosting the party. You have to remember that those invited to the bridal shower should also be guests at the wedding – including children. That is why you will need to ensure that the bride goes through the final list before you start inviting the guests.
  • Pick a location for the shower: Once you have selected a date, have the approximate guest count, you have to decide on the location you are going to host the party. If you have enough space at your place to host the party, that might save on the cost of hiring a venue.

If not, you will be required to get a home of a relative who is close to the bride. You can as well host a bridal shower at a private banquet room, a restaurant, or whichever venue that will make the bride comfortable to attend, such as a spa or an art gallery.

If you are in doubt, you can ask the bride for options. Most important, you have to ensure the location is easily accessible, has enough parking and space enough to accommodate all your guests, assuming everyone invited, attend.

  • Choose a theme for the bridal shower: After picking the addresses for the final guest, and the final guest list has been approved by the bride, it is time to pick a bridal shower theme. While it is not essential to have a theme, it might just be a perfect way to add some personality to the party with food options, invitations, and décor.

Feel free to be creative as you like. If you are a starter, some options to consider include a bubbly and brunch theme, wine tasting theme, rustic theme, or even a party for flower arranging.  Whatever you choose, it needs to make sense for the personality of the bride and the interest of everyone invited.

  • Send out the invitations: finalize, purchase and mail the bridal shower invitations about 5 to 7 weeks before the event. It will enable the guests to have enough time to clear their schedules, purchase gifts, and let you know if they will attend or not.
  • Plan the bridal shower menu as well as stock the bar: After the bridal shower invitations have been sent out and the RSVPs have started coming in, you can start working on the menu for the bridal party. You will need to stick to the foods that you know are favorites to the bride and those that are easy to serve.

If your party is brunch themed, opt for coffee drinks, a mimosa bar, and breakfast foods like salmon toast and mini waffle. For a bridal shower that is boho-themed, build your taco station with margaritas and guacamole as it will be a fun option. Depending on the type of budget you have, you can have a professionally catered meal, prepare the food yourself, or ask guests whom you rapport well if they could bring a potluck dish.

  • Purchase the bridal shower décor: It is the fun part. Once you have a bridal shower theme, you should start on your bridal shower décor. There will be no need to go all out unless you want to look for items such as customized posters, mylar letter balloons, tassel garlands, and photo backdrops to make space instantly feel personal for the bride.

Plan a bridal shower that will be remembered by guests for a long time to come. For more information on planning and hosting a bridal shower, check the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


Photo by Jacob Mejicanos

Photo by Manny Moreno

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