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Bride’s Survival Guide: Top Wedding Themes For 2020

Traditionally, there was the only traditional theme as the only choice for hosting a wedding. You had to have a traditional wedding dress and everything traditional. Nowadays, trends and themes keep on changing, affecting how couples present their weddings.

Choosing the feel and look for your wedding is more than just going for a color theme. Themes are becoming well known, with couples choosing to balance their aesthetic across a variety of elements of their wedding. Couples are not simply going with one theme, but are combining a variety to create something special.

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Primary and secondary themes

When comparing primary and secondary themes, the following is where the focus is.  Rustic weddings still hold as being the most popular theme for weddings, and it has been popular for quite a while. But with couples taking it to the next level, there is a lot of mixes and match secondary themes to suit each individual’s choice. That is what brings out mixes such as rustic- vintage, rustic-luxe, and rustic-boho.

Themes like classic/romantic, outdoor/garden, DIY, vintage, and Boho chic weddings tend to become more popular as the secondary wedding themes than they are as primary themes. So even if you are holding an outdoor or garden wedding, many couples might not agree that it is their primary focus wedding theme.

Most popular wedding themes

  • Rustic: The newest and most famous traditional wedding theme that most couples are settling for is the rustic theme. Think about farms, older buildings, cellar doors repaired with elements like natural wood and native greenery. The rustic theme gives a more relaxed vibe, with several couples having their focus to be on them having great fun.

As a location savvy couple who want it to feel and look great, you can transform a newer wedding venue and reception to ensure that it meets a rustic theme. So if you are on a tight budget, it is the perfect theme and combination for you. The most common secondary theme to combine with rustic is outdoors and garden, boho-chic, romantic, and vintage.

  • Garden/Outdoors: Outdoor and garden weddings tend to align well with the rustic wedding theme, so that might be the reason why it is the most popular choice that modern couples are going for.

It is a theme that complements both primary and secondary themes. As a couple, you have the option of the kind of mood you want to set. It could be springtime, floral, or a wintery, moody look.

Whichever way, both settings are going to capture the beauty in the wedding photos. The most popular theme you can pair with a garden or outdoor wedding is rustic, romantic, and traditional or classic themes.

  • Romantic: Although it still has a lot of traditional elements, the romantic themed wedding tends to always be famous for most couples. After all, the focus of the theme is the love you have for each other. Things that contribute to this particular theme are an emphasis on cutting the cake together, first dance, and lighting with natural golden color.
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Popular choices are fairy lights or festoon to give it that magical, dreamy touch. Outdoor and garden wedding traditional and rustic themes are the most popular secondary themes when it comes to romantic themed weddings.

  • Traditional/classic: There is nothing that you can compare with when it comes to the traditionally themed wedding with a white wedding dress. It is a classic theme which is second to the most popular when it comes to secondary and primary theme combination.

They are weddings, which are set in tradition, most likely taking place in a reception center that is dedicated to where at least 50% of weddings are held. And while spontaneously you might think of a chapel or church for a traditionally themed wedding, couples also embrace classic outdoor ceremonies for these types of weddings. The best secondary theme to be able to pair with your traditional or classic wedding is having a touch of romance.

  • Glamorous and contemporary: If you are out to wow guests and give them something never to forget, then you can go for a glamorous or contemporary theme for your wedding. Also referred to as luxe weddings, it is a theme that focuses on aesthetics and glam elements. Think in terms of large floral installations, going for food trucks instead of the traditional sit-down reception.

On the dance floor, you will have to include pyrotechnics. If you want to go glamorous and contemporary, you can opt for a cityscape location, and instead of the traditional wedding cake, you can go for modern desserts.  Glamorous and contemporary weddings can be paired well with a classic or romantic touch.

  • Boho chic: Bohemian themed wedding continues to be popular amongst couples, with many more elements being included in the styling and wedding. It is a look that corresponds well with outdoor and rustic wedding themes, with one particular style which has risen with them, which is the boho beach wedding.

It comes out well when paired with the beach instead of the arbors, barefoot, and greenery, and it could be the reason more couples are going for this particular backdrop that is stunning when it comes to boho-themed weddings.

  • Beach: If you live in a country where a beautiful coastline surrounds you, then it might be the best option to go for a beach-themed wedding. There are a variety of stunning locations where you can hold a peaceful beach backdrop wedding.

So long as you take the seasons and the time of the year into consideration, you should get it right.  Regardless of the weather, beach weddings tend to still be famous as a choice amongst most couples all over the world. You can add to it some boho floral to make your wedding stand out.

  • Vintage: Weddings that are vintage themed have gone down in popularity with modern couples, but this could be as a result of pairing with boho and rustic weddings instead of them being a theme of their own. The vintage theme works well with the rustic elements to come up with a well-rounded aesthetic.

Get the best theme to utilize in 2020 for your wedding. For more details of wedding planning, then you will have to check out the ultimate bride’s survival guide.

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