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Trendy Wedding Themes In 2020 For Every Bridal Style

Trendy Wedding Themes In 2020 For Every Bridal Style

Looking for trendy wedding themes in 2020 for every bridal style? To settle for a wedding theme that is going to work for you might be one of the most challenging decisions that you will have to make. It is essential as all the other choices are going to stem from your theme. Once you have made up your mind on which theme you will select, everything else will fall into place. Your floral arrangement, your venue, your wedding dress, bridesmaids’ dresses, and everything else about your wedding planning will feel comfortable and natural.

Before it happens, you will require some help. Check these trendy wedding themes for every bridal style!

What you need to know as a bride

  • What is a wedding theme?

It is a concept or idea which flows throughout the ceremonies and events. For example, it can only be a song or your favorite color. It could also be a particular style of a specific movie or decade.

  • How to pick a wedding theme?

There are several concepts you will need to remember when choosing a subject for  your wedding:

    • It has to be easily recognizable by your guests. If it becomes too obscure, causing your guests to ask what your theme is all about, then it means you have missed the mark.
    • It has to be personal. Your guests should walk into your event, seeing you in everything surrounding the event.
    • It has to stand out and come out uniquely.
  • Does your wedding require a theme?

With a wedding theme, it will give you somewhere to start. It will also help you to come up with decisions on the wedding décor as well as colors. You require a theme to keep the look in a particular manner, or else your celebration will be chaotic with a variety of décor and color elements.

If you are considering some décor elements or planning a DIY, you can ask yourself what you think will fit well with your wedding theme. That could be the right starting point when you are undecided about what to pick.

Tending Themes in 2020 For Every Bridal Style

  • Chic wedding theme in fall

If you want something that is above and beyond the traditional wedding theme, then go for an elegantly fashionable wedding. It means that you have to stay ahead of the trends and make a bold risk. To go for modern themes, you have to be inspired and confident.

Trendy Wedding Themes In 2020 For Every Bridal Style

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  • Wedding theme for summer

Summer seems to be a good time of the year to hold your wedding and a personal issue. Apart from being a season, summer represents light and warmth and abundance and growth. They are the perfect sentiments to incorporate in your wedding day planning and a happy ever after.

  • Simple wedding themes for winter

With winter, you have the option of either embracing it and diving in or ensure you warm it all the way. Whichever you choose, you need to settle for a great wedding theme and some photoshoot themes that will turn out fantastic. One of the main things that this season has that the other seasons don’t have is having more options. Since it is a cold season, you can decide to bundle right with cardies, long sleeve, and fur stoles.

  • Wedding theme for spring

Fresh flowers, greenery, and outdoor ceremony during the spring, it will be best to celebrate nature. There are a variety of wedding themes for the spring which you will love.

  • Best vintage wedding themes

Some of the best wedding themes come from previous eras. There are certain periods which are exotic, romantic as well as visually stunning. Or you could just be feeling like you were born in the wrong decade or you think if you could be reincarnated and have lived your best life in a certain period. Whichever way, you should not choose a vintage theme just because you think it looks great. You should select a vintage then for your own reasons.

  • Wedding theme ideas that are movie-inspired

Movie wedding themes tend to be different with everyone choosing whatever is best for them. In 2020, Game of Thrones has become the most popular theme.

  • Boho wedding theme that is trending

If fantasy is not your thing, and yet you don’t want to go the traditional way, then the Boho wedding theme could be your thing. A Boho chic wedding is for free-spirited brides as well as grooms, enjoying the facets of a traditional style while pulling it out in a carefree hippy fashion.

  • Colorful top wedding theme

There are times when all you need to make your wedding theme is a unique color scheme. If you are planning an outdoor wedding in the spring, you can fill your wedding day with vivid yellows, reds, and wildflowers to match everything. Dress in lace and satin and let your smile and skin shine.

  • Romantic bohemian wedding theme

If you have not yet decided on a wedding theme and still wondering which way to go, check the type of shoes you would want to wear on your wedding day. If the answer is none, then the Bohemian wedding theme could be right for you. A long flowing gown, flower tiaras, and a procession on barefoot are what makes this style, and you might fall in love with it. Ensure you supply your guests with hand fans for keeping the heat at bay in the summer.

  • Creative artsy theme

If you are just creative to the core, you could only come up with your wedding theme. Pull your love for the arts and creativity to good use by indulging in your excellent art style and shirking tradition. You can decide to paint your venue and select a gown with hard lines. If you prefer the impression, you can talk to your photographer to turn your wedding album into a unique pointillism.

We hope you found these trendy wedding themes in 2020 for every bridal style helpful. Choose a theme that will work well for you and check out The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide for other information to ensure you plan your wedding correctly.


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