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Wedding Ceremony Mistakes To Avoid

Wedding Ceremony Mistakes To Avoid

Wondering what wedding ceremony mistakes to avoid? There are many things that you need to keep in mind when planning a wedding. In today’s world, wedding ceremonies come in all styles, shapes, formalities, and sizes. You can plan a wedding that is unique to you and your couple! From choosing your perfect wedding dress to planning your wedding ceremony, you want everything to be meaningful and memorable.

It is not only a special day for the couple, but it is the start of your marriage life and the beginning of your life together as a family. If you want to forgo any traditional part of your wedding ceremony, you will be encouraged and supported in equal measures.

For your wedding ceremony to go on smoothly and remain special the way you have always envisioned, the following are wedding ceremony mistakes that you need to avoid at any cost.

  • Not encouraging guests to find their seats

There is a reason why wedding ceremonies have timings for starting and ending. Even if most of your guests are present, it is the work of the officiant to encourage them to be seated. If not, you will run the risk of causing a lot of confusion and leaving some of your guests standing up until the end of the wedding ceremony. Though a small detail that is mostly overlooked, it can cause annoyance, embarrassment, and even throw off the otherwise positivity of the moment.

  • Forgetting to ask the audience to turn off their cell phones

Remembering that, all your guests, from the young to the old, have a cell phone nowadays. It will be essential to remind them of switching them off when attending your wedding ceremony.

Even though etiquette requires them to do so, it is worth ensuring that your officiant announces to put off the cell phones before the beginning of the wedding ceremony. You can also opt to have an unplugged ceremony where you have an entrance sign that requests guests to put off their cell phones.

Wedding Ceremony Mistakes To Avoid

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  • Not having to prepare the wedding rings in advance

It is a common mistake where the officiant realizes that the couples forgot their wedding rings for the ceremony. You need to check the rings, remove from the shipping packaging, outer cover, and display for all to see at the wedding ceremony. When the ceremony is ongoing, you don’t want to start removing the ring out of the shipping box and start struggling to remove its price tag.

  • Not moving out of the way for the first marriage kiss

It is the most intimate moment in the whole of the wedding ceremony. And thus, it needs to be done right with the couple taking the center stage. Make sure the officiant isn’t blocking the view for guests and the photographer. It is best for the officiant to step aside immediately after announcing the famous line – it is now time to kiss the bride.

  • Not allowing the couple to be the center of attraction

If a ceremony is generic, it can be for anyone. But when it comes to a special event such as a wedding ceremony, it needs to be personal. The guests need to feel as if they are learning about the couple through their wedding ceremony.

It will allow them to understand why the couple chose to make this huge commitment to one another.

As a couple, you will need to speak with your officiant frequently so that they understand your relationship. The officiant has to wholeheartedly believe in your commitment to each other, just the way you do. When you achieve that, friends and family members will feel like part of something extraordinary.

  • Not rehearsing the ceremony

If the officiant neglects reviewing the ceremony with you before the big day, it is likely to create significant issues. There is a possibility of misspelling relevant information or names. Thus, friends and relatives as well as you the couple, might take note of that. It might end up taking away the personalization as well as the uniqueness of your wedding ceremony. You can avoid this situation by rehearsing your wedding ceremony with the officiant a few times before the wedding day.

  • When the ceremony turns to be a lecture

Avoid an officiant who thinks that your wedding ceremony is an opportunity for them to give a PowerPoint presentation about marriage. Nobody goes to attend a wedding to understand what marriage is all about. The officiant needs to be the voice of wishes and hopes that are in the couple’s hearts. If there is any guest who doesn’t know the meaning of marriage, they will not learn it in your presentation as an officiant.

  • Forgetting to do a check for the mic

During the wedding ceremony, you have to ensure that the crowd hears every word. For that to happen, you have to check the mics before the beginning of the ceremony. You have to be familiar with the mic choreography. Thus, you need to decide if you are going to hold the mic during your vows. Also, make sure that it points in the right direction.

  • Avoiding to look at each other

When the wedding ceremony is ongoing, it is straightforward to focus your eyes on the officiant. However, it is advisable that, the couple focus their attention on each other. When you are making promises to each other in front of your friends and relatives you need to look into each other’s eyes.

Hope you have learned about some of the mistakes you need to avoid during your wedding ceremony. Get to learn about other things you should avoid by checking The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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