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Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Color Mix You Have Never Seen

Are you looking out to arrange your wedding day to be unique? You can start by having a unique color palette. You can get inspiration through big details such as season and venue, then think about moods when you are trying out your set.  The color of your wedding dress will also come into play here.

Are you looking for fun and playful that is, vibrant and bright hues? Or intimate and lavish that is luxe textures and moody jewel tones? You have to always remember that your color combo will affect all the other design elements during your wedding planning like your wedding dress, the dresses for the bridesmaids, and the flowers.

See the below wedding color combinations and don’t forget to discover your dream wedding vision by going for what you believe is the right color combination from the right color palette to your day-of timelines.  You have to find the right vendor who will bring your selection to life.

  • Yellow+Poppy+Magenta: It is a good mix of alfresco summer weddings. With such a vibrant color theme, you should try to dress the rest of your reception decorations in neutrals. Plain tablecloths might just work for you, or you can decide to settle for sans table cloths and allow the natural wood to show through. Turn your wedding cake into a beautiful display of lush blooms.
  • Gold + Cream + Emerald: It is the right color combination for Boho-glamorous weddings. Allow your space to inspire the aesthetic of the décor. If you are in an industrial venue, ensure you outfit your tables using chic blankets of tablecloths that are creamy in color and runners that are sequined. If your wedding is happening in a ballroom, arrange greenery garlands and white floral to come up with a romantic, elegant feel.
  • Orange + Purple + Burgundy: It tends to go well with a vineyard wedding theme. Vineyards are well known to have a charm that has old-charm to them, and when you decorate them with moody, in-depth details, they are even more intimate and romantic. Try placing stems in separate bud vases, and floral arrangements hang overhead for a look that is complete.
  • Yellow + Orange + Tangarine: If you are planning for a modern summer themed wedding, then this is the way to go. Allow the flowers to be seen all over with this particular palette by combining accent mirrors, white backdrops, and simple table settings to ensure your guests are not overwhelmed by color.
  • White + Pale green + Black: Are you in for a formal spring wedding theme? Then this should be your color palette. Ensure your wedding colors are not looking too stuck by mixing ecru white or cream hues into this particular mix. Pull some greenery inspiration from natural, dusty green shades of succulents.
  • Blue + Yellow + Navy: For a country summer wedding theme, this is the right color mix. With personalized details like monograms, custom invitation designs, and accessories that are unique, such as navy and yellow striped bow tie that are adorable, bring out this particular prepping wedding color mix simple and give it a sophisticated vibe.
  • Beige + Yellow + Cinnamon: It is ideal for elegant autumn wedding themes. The color combo brings out a regal Spanish vibe that is accentuated by wedding elements which are traditional like tiered, tall cake and place setting that is classic, complete with gold-rimmed glassware, place cards, and chargers.
  • Cornflower Blue + Powder blue + Chartreuse: It is good for garden-themed weddings. Height is what matters here. Tall drapery, whimsical chandeliers, and a well-placed branched tree bring out this particular color mixing to a high tea that is a royal celebration.
  • Sage + Peach + Merlot: It is a color palette which is suitable for late summer rustic themed weddings. It is a theme that is all about being a shabby and simple bride. Try working with as much natural wood in your décor as you can, then balancing it out with the surroundings of some dramatic elements such as luxe lounge space and chandelier.
  • Green + Peach + gold: Do you have an outdoor summer-themed wedding? Then get on board this color mix. Allowing Mother Nature’s greenery to surround the color palette might be the best way to go in an open-air venue or even a reception that is in a clear tented space. It will feel private and enclosed but still connected to the outdoors.

  • Gold + Eggplant + Navy: Art Deco fall themed weddings might do well with this color palette. You will be able to transform your venue into a space that is Gatsby – Esque filled with bubbly champagne and live music. Mix several metallic hues in the mix such as a brassy copper, for the old-world charm. If the venue and the budget allows, you can finish the night off with something epic, such as a glitter drop or firework display that is low key.
  • White + Celadon + Poppy: Beach or destination themed weddings might do well with this color palette. It is not your ordinary typical waterside color palette for weddings that lean towards blues for the sea, but it can blend well if you are searching for something unique. White and Caledon are soft neutrals that pair well with the sandy surroundings, while at the same time, the poppy color will stand out as an accent color that complements well with the ocean’s blue waters.
  • Ivory + Sage + Gold: For all year round outdoors and indoors themed wedding, get on board this color palette. With such a great color palette, lean on your seasonal weather and venue to inspire your décor. You should ensure that you try to pull off this soft color in a venue that is in dark colors such as with wallpaper and carpet, or you can decide to spend more than you planned initially.
  • Khaki + Aqua + Cherry red: For a retro-inspired themed wedding, get this color palette. It is a look that is meant to be fun and preppy. Mix with cheeky signage, adding low centerpiece in antiqued jars, and include a pattern into the scheme such as chevron or stripes.

Color palettes are many in the market, and you will require to pick one that will go well with your wedding theme. What is your wedding theme? If you haven’t settled on one, check out the various wedding themes at the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

Photo by Miguel Ángel Hernández

Photo by Marius Muresan


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