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Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Ring Matters You Should Know

When talking about weddings, many trends come and go. From the best wedding dress photoshoots to registries,  each generation of wedding couples redefines what they expect with their wedding parties.

A modern wedding does not have to follow the same rules that traditional weddings did in the past years. From honeymoon funds to blush bridal gowns, today’s brides are changing the way weddings are being conducted.

Sleep hair updos are being traded for a flowing, more relaxed hairstyle; traditional china sets are being swapped with modern kitchen must-haves. But even with the many changes happening in the wedding industry, one simple thing has remained intact – the diamond wedding ring.

Wedding rings have been worn since time immemorial, but the diamond engagement rings became popular in the 15th century among loyalties in Europe and for the higher classes. The shape of the ring symbolizes eternity as far as commitment is concerned. It doesn’t have a start and endpoint – and the diamond itself is symbolic of pure love. With the symbolic value, a diamond ring tends to be a perfect way when it comes to starting a union.

While it is hard to trade the diamond ring for anything else, there is a problem that you might experience. Rings are available in different sizes. To buy a ring as a gift is problematic if you are not sure of the size of the recipient.  It is hard to guess the size of the ring and, thus, harder for men to guess the size of the ring to buy for their better half down to the millimeter.

General ring sizing guide

A ring that fits well will be able to sit comfortably at your finger’s base. It will also slide off easily when you want to remove it, but it will not be loose to fall off on its own. It will not be tight to the extend of cutting off blood circulation or change the color of your skin. But it is important to note that rings containing copper or nickel can easily cause discoloration of the skin, leaving your skin to have a greenish-blue appearance.

Ring sizes are normally measured in millimeters with every size separated by about 0.4 millimeters, while a full size is separated by approximately 0.8 millimeters. What it means is that your ring size can be changed completely by a fraction of a millimeter. So you have to ensure the size measurements are as correct as possible. Once you measure your finger using whatever method.

Measuring ring size using floss or string

If you don’t have a ring, these easy methods of ring sizing might help you to get accurate measurements of the size of the finger without the need for any professional equipment.

What you need

All you need to make your measurement for a ring at home is a few items:

  • A piece of floss or string
  • A pen
  • A ruler that has millimeter measurements

Taking the measurements

  • Cut a piece of floss or string which is at least four inches long
  • Wrap the floss or string completely around the desired finger’s base – the spot where the ring will be resting – mark the area where the ring will overlap with the pen. It would help if you did the same for the finger’s knuckle.
  • Lay the string flat and use the ruler measuring the length in millimeters. Try averaging the length between the knuckle and the finger base.
  • Use the chart provided at the ring developer’s website or shop to convert the measurements from millimeters into your ring size.

Measure ring size using another ring

If you already have a ring that fits you well, but you are not sure of its size, you can use a string on the ring to determine its size.

What you need

  • A ring that fits your desired finger well
  • A ruler that has millimeter measurement

Measuring the ring size

  • Measure the inside diameter of the ring
  • Use the chart provided to convert millimeters into your actual ring size.

Important factors to remember when sizing your ring at home

  • Each finger is unique: Each of your fingers is different in size. If you are planning to wear the ring on your right ring finger, ensure that this is the finger which you are taking the measurements. If you are planning the trendy ring to be worn on your middle finger, that is the finger that you should size up. It would help if you also remembered that the fingers of your dominant hand would be slightly larger than on the non-dominant hand.
  • Temperature effects: Have you observed that, when it is hot, your fingers tend to swell. It is because temperatures impact the size of your fingers. When it is cold, fingers slightly shrink, and when it is hot, they slightly expand.

Since you want to wear your ring throughout the year in all types of weather conditions, take the measurements of your finger when it is hot, when it has slightly expanded. If you do that, you will not get a ring that will be unable to fit on your finger during the summer.

  • Size the ring more than once: With the knowledge that your finger size can fluctuate and change due to change in weather or other outside factors, to ensure accuracy of your measurements, you will need to size your measurement at different times at different points at least for a week. It will help you get the right or average size for your finger over time and then calculate a more accurate measurement.
  • Measure a variety of parts of your finger: You always have to remember that the part of your finger which you are resizing where the finger meets the rest of the hand – the ridge –is slightly tapered in. Your knuckle might be wider than your finger’s portion where you are going to wear a ring.

A ring that fits well will be able to slide over your knuckle to the rest in a comfortable manner and on your finger in a snug manner.

Now that you know how to take the measurement for a ring for your other half, do it and get her that perfect diamond ring for your upcoming wedding. For more information about wedding planning and prepping, check the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


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