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Bride’s Survival Guide: Who Pays For What During A Bachelorette Party

Now that you have to spend a lot of money on various stages of your wedding planning, including purchasing the best wedding dress, you might be wondering who will pay for the bachelorette party.

With the bachelorette party, everyone tends to pay for it. During the planning of the bachelorette, it might be a sweet respite from the day to day demands of the wedding planning. It involves the bride, the bridesmaids, a lot of champagne with lots of laughs.

But when it comes to who is going to foot the bills, things might not be as simple as they appear. Is the bride going to pay everything as a thank you to the bridesmaids and other guests? That does not sound fair. She has been financing everything for the wedding.

It might be great if the bridesmaids took over the entire thing and surprised the bride with a big bachelorette party.  That also doesn’t seem fair to them as they have their bills to handle.  So for an enjoyable bachelorette party, everyone has to contribute to the enjoyment and bills equally.

The following is how everyone pays for the bachelorette party

  • Travel and accommodation: everyone foots their expenses

If the bachelorette party is a destination one, everyone that is invited will have to pay for their expenses. Invitations have to be sent out the way in advance for them to save and book their accommodation and travel. That is the reason why everyone invited needs adequate lead time to any bachelorette party that is going to take place away from where they live.

It might get expensive, but it is part of the experience, and the venue is chosen with all the guests invited in mind. No one needs to give the bride a ride to the bachelorette party.

Whatever the venue, she should take herself there. Going for Airbnb might be a great way of saving on costs while enjoying the fun, but if the price is expensive, then everyone might bow out and suggest an alternative destination that is cheaper.

  • Meals: To be paid by the bridesmaids

Just the way you split bills with friends during a birthday party for one of you, that is exactly how you should approach the bills for the meals at the bachelorette party. You are out to treat the bride.

It is going to be a small extra expense that you are going to incur as bridesmaids, but it is a token of appreciation, love, and celebrations for the bride, which makes it worth it.  To ensure that the costs are affordable, look out for casual restaurants, cook in or take out on the Airbnb night, and go for an upscale restaurant where you can eat at finally.

Apart from meals, there will be a need for drinks. There will be a need to figure out as you go, but for the most part, apart from gifts from here and there, you can let everyone pay for their drinks, as everyone has their favorites. As for the bride, you can pick up one meal and pay for it as a way of appreciating your crew.

  • Décor: The Bridesmaids or the MOH to pay

If you plan the bachelorette for the bride, one of the best parts is giving her a surprise with silly or fun décor to ensure that the party remains memorable for her. That is the reason the cost of such party favors normally falls on the bridesmaids and the maid of honor.

How you are going to split up the cost is up to you. The maid of honor might feel that it is up to her to handle everything. Or she can decide to give each guest a specific item to purchase, or it can be done collectively by tallying up the price of everything then splitting it amongst everyone.

The items picked need not be a financial burden on the guests. Most of it should be gotten cheaply online, and everyone needs to avoid going overboard. All of you who are celebrating the bride is what makes the party special, not the many balloons that you hang around.

For the costs to be manageable, the décor should comprise simple things: A handful of décor pieces such as streamers, personalized like silly tattoos, and several fun props to be scattered on the table.

  • Gifts and swags: It is a toss-up

Since the maid of honor and the bridesmaids are in charge of the décor, it might seem appropriate for the MOH to cover souvenirs, party favors, and gifts for the whole crew. But that is not the case in most instances. The bride, the maid of honor, or the bridesmaids, can pay for the gifts.

The bride is going to gift the bridal party on her wedding day, so these should not be expensive gifts. It can be a fun souvenir to add some magic to the weekend or a thank you token for spending some quality time and the money spent to make the party more special. Matching bridesmaid’s T-shirts, personalized wine glasses, or a tote bag might be great ideas to embrace.

  • Special experiences: It all depends

It is a toss-up as it is all about who brings out the idea, has the experiences, and executes it. If the bride feels that everyone needs to watch a show and the tickets for the show are expensive, she has to treat everyone to tickets. The guests have already paid for their fares and other expenses.

If the bride is unable to cater for the cost of everyone attending an experience she has suggested, then it should be a free experience or changed to something more affordable by everyone.

In case there is an event or experience that all the guests want to surprise the bride during the night of her party, that should be catered fully by the group.  No one needs to be billed for something they did not suggest.

From the above, a bachelorette is a collective responsibility where everyone contributes in a way, making it happen. More details about the bachelorette party and other wedding parties can be found in the ultimate bride’s survival guide.

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