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Bridesmaids, as many other wedding terms or wedding words is one that is searched online often.

These are the sisters and best friends of the bride who give her lots of support for her big day by helping with the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, and help organize the wedding guests throughout the day and sometimes evening. The bridesmaids are there to help support the bride throughout the whole bridal experience from the bridal shower to the wedding reception. The bridesmaids together with the bride will be together on the big day to dress, do make-up and hair and try to help make it a stress-free day for the bride to walk down the aisle. In the U.S. and Canada in the bridal procession, the bridesmaids walk ahead of the bride down the aisle, but in the U.K. the bridesmaids walk after the bride.

Before you agree to be a bridesmaid, be aware that it can be costly, it’s not just about a dress. The bride will choose the style and color of the bridesmaid’s dresses, but the bridesmaids will cover the cost. They must also pay for any travel expenses that may occur, as well as buying the new couple a wedding gift. The bridesmaids are expected to visit a bridal boutique together if possible, along with the bride to be to help choose the dresses. The consultant at the bridal boutique will take measurements for sizes and if alterations are needed there will be an extra charge. Some bridesmaids may get to choose a different style of dress if it’s color-coordinated with the rest of the dresses, it must be ordered from the same dress company to make sure it’s the correct shade. This is a good time for the bride to look for some bridesmaid’s gifts, like a robe, fun t-shirt, or jewelry.


Wedding Dresses

There are many traditions regarding the bridesmaid and the stories vary all over the world. One story dating back to ancient times is that the bridesmaids dressed the same as the bride to confuse possible attacks on her as she was traveling to meet her groom in the next town. The bridesmaids do still dress the same or at least are color coordinated but not the same color as the bride. In the Victorian period, the bridesmaids walked down the aisle carrying fresh herbs to ward off evil spirits, today they carry a bouquet of flowers but not to scare evil spirits. Many bridal couples are throwing out the outdated traditions replacing them with newer ones that include modern ideas that are inclusive of today’s lifestyles. There is no reason for you to not have some male attendants in the bridesmaid’s party if you wish, you could name them brides’ men or a bride’s attendant. Before doing this, make sure your husband to be is OK with it, also find out if there are any religious restrictions, do your homework before planning.

We all know the most important dress at the wedding is the wedding dress but there have been so many fun movies about bridesmaids like twenty-seven dresses, Bridesmaids the movie, and many more that sometimes have influenced the bridesmaid’s style.

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