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BrideStory Featuring Nicki Puza

Nicki met Adam on an online dating site in April 2011. She was in veterinary school in Florida and he was a canine handler in the military stationed in Georgia. They lived about 90 minutes apart when they met, but then found out that they’d grown up 15 minutes from each other in Connecticut.

When Adam proposed, he coordinated both of their families to come together the day after Thanksgiving. They both have big families so there were about 40 people present. He had a craft time set up for the kids intended to draw everyone into the same room. While there, his mom started handing out the family’s yearly matching Christmas pajamas. It’s tradition in Adam’s family that significant others don’t get pajamas until they’re engaged or married, never as a girlfriend or boyfriend! Well after handing them all out, she called Nicki’s name and said that she decided to break tradition (because the two of them had been together 6 years by then!) Amid the chaos and protests from his siblings, Adam came out from the bunch and said “actually, she isn’t breaking tradition.” Then he got down on one knee and said to Nicki “you know I love you more than anything in the world. I want to wear matching Christmas pajamas with you for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?”


She then found out that EVERYONE knew beforehand! Both of their families were in on it from the start!

The couple married at The Roundhouse, in Beacon, NY on October 26, 2018. Nicki’s favorite memory of their wedding happened right after the ceremony, when the newlyweds had a few minutes in the bridal room to themselves. Their venue coordinated so that they had two of each hors d’ouevre and a bottle of champagne. They didn’t open the champagne for them, and that moment of watching her brand new husband pop a bottle of champagne moments after they said “I do” will stay with Nicki forever.

Nicki found her perfect wedding dress at RK Bridal in Manhattan. The experience was incredible from start to finish! She’d never thought she’d find a dress she liked in her price range. She was certain she did not want lace and but it had to be dramatic. She wanted it to be describable, so that when guests left and people asked “what did she wear?,” the answer wasn’t just “oh you know, a wedding dress.” Most of all she wanted something very unique.

The second dress I put on at RK Bridal was the Paloma style number LA7276. As the consultant started zipping her in, she looked up into the mirror and started crying before the zipper was even done. When she came out of the dressing room her family’s jaws dropped! It was sexy, elegant, jaw dropping, timeless, and glamorous all in one. Nicki knew immediately she had found her dream dress!

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