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A Chapel is a small building where Christians can worship. It can be found in schools, hospitals, airports, and other institutions to allow people to pray. One could make a chapel in their home if they wished, and make a shrine for worshiping, chapels and churches are both Christian places of worship. A church is a much bigger space that usually has a beautiful architectural look, with stained glass windows, beautiful murals, marble floors, and is usually very ornate. It is said that the churches are made this way because it is fitting for God. You will always find a smaller chapel inside a church. Many Christian schools have a chapel, most times churches are attached to schools and the chapel is located inside the church.

One of the most famous chapels in the world is the Sistine chapel built in the 14th century, famous for its beautiful fresco paintings. The ceiling of the chapel has the most famous paintings by Michelangelo, which were painted in the 15th century, and are renaissance frescoes depicting prophets from the old testament. The Sistine Chapel is also used to have the gathering of cardinals to elect a new pope.

Another famous chapel is in France called The Holy Chapel; in French, it is La Saint-Chappelle. It was built in the middle ages. It is a very beautiful place and is very grand, with its stained-glass windows and frescoes covering the walls. Louis IX was known to be a collector of priceless relics, and it is believed that some of the relics were stored at the holy chapel, one of the pieces was believed to be the crown of thorns, worn by Christ on the cross.

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In Las Vegas, there are over 50 wedding chapels. This is where couples from all over the world come to get married. There have been so many celebrities that have tied the knot in some of these chapels. There is a chapel that is dedicated to Elvis Presley called Graceland, and the officiant that conducts the marriage is also an Elvis impersonator, so the couples that marry there are usually huge Elvis fans. There are drive-through chapels, and lots of hotel chapels, so you could say that Vegas is the capital of wedding chapels.

Lots of bridal couples today are having smaller intimate weddings, preferring the chapel as their place to make their wedding vows with their wedding dresses. This allows the wedding party and guests to be sitting closer together for a cozier atmosphere, especially when it is decorated with candles and flowers, imagine the photography. It is also possible to make a chapel in your garden, surrounded by flowers and trees, it could be a very romantic setting. Hotels are also a very popular choice to host a wedding, they have a chapel for you to use, and a few different size rooms for your reception, it’s also convenient for your guests to book a room for the evening. It’s a one-stop event!

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