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Classic Wedding Theme


A classic wedding theme is a wedding of sophistication. From the wedding invitations to the first dance together as husband and wife, your wedding will be looked back on many years from now with the same love you had on the day. Here are some tips that will help you prepare for a classic wedding that will be remembered by all. After you have set the date and before you send out your wedding invitations, let’s investigate some venues, and set the tone for that gorgeous Calla Blanche Dress.


Wedding Dress


There are many hotels that have a wonderful reputation for outstanding receptions. Some of the older more grandeur locations usually have lots of space for the reception called the ballroom. These are the best spaces for a classic theme wedding with the high ornate ceilings and elaborate chandeliers, they are a great space to accommodate your guests most comfortably. You can also give your guests the option to stay the night. Maybe you prefer something outdoors in a beautifully landscaped garden with a large marquee. Either way, a soft color scheme of Ivory and white with an added splash of your favorite colored flowers, how romantic this would be! Imagine you in your Calla Blanche Tabitha style 120130 or Farrah Style 120104 with its gorgeous Train.


For those of you brides that are environmentally friendly, these days, most people are very conscientious. Instead of a trinket that may end up in a cupboard draw, why not invest in buying something that helps the environment. There are many organizations where you can buy, let’s say a bracelet or a necklace, and proceeds are going to help protect the planet. How lovely to receive this wedding favor in your honor?


Wedding Dress


Shoes are very important for every bride. First think comfort, there are many shoe styles that are not only visually beautiful but also comfortable. The heel size matters a great deal, you cannot be standing on your gown throughout the day. A white or Ivory pump is a great classic design. There are jewelry clips to clip onto your shoe if you wish to dress it up, maybe a crystal or a pearl. It would complement the beauty of your Calla Blanche gown.


How cool would it be to have a picture station? You can have different period costumes for your guests to dress up for a memorable photo. Or If you decide on a band, have your guests bring their favorite classic song along. This brings inclusion to everyone to feel a part of your big day. Before nightfall offers a snack table. Fruits, pastries, and other treats along with a coffee and tea corner to send everyone off home to end a wonderful classic theme wedding day!

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