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Coronavirus Raining On Your Wedding Day? Here Are Six Tips On How To Reschedule.


The years of dreaming, months of planning, going over magazines, blog posts, appointments, carefully selecting the most minuscule details of your perfect day, and then coronavirus happens. Something completely out of your control that nobody could’ve predicted. Authorities all over the world are recommending social distancing and gatherings are officially cancelled for the time being to keep us all safe from COVID-19. So what does that mean for your wonderful wedding day? Don’t stress! There’s a simple solution for this: reschedule. Below you will find a helpful list of things you might want to consider when things don’t go as planned. Just because it can’t happen on the date you had anticipated, doesn’t mean it can’t be perfect!

Stay in the know

We know news can be overwhelming, and there’s a limit to how much data, videos and warnings you can watch at any given time from social media and news networks before you get an anxiety attack. As long as you stay informed of the basics, how things are evolving, and get an estimated date of when things will get back to normal, you can start considering possible dates in the future that could work for you and your partner.

Read the fine print

You must have probably quite a few contracts with your vendors, starting with the venue, photographer, florist, caterer, all the way down to the fireworks company. There’s always some form of clause that can protect you and your special day from any and all kinds of natural catastrophes that can jeopardize it. In some cases, you might have to pay a small fee, but that’s what contracts are for. They protect your interests and theirs. Read it carefully, and if you’re lucky enough to have a wedding planner, she’ll help you take care of them. She’s the expert!

Inform your venue

Once you’ve made sure you have covered all your bases and narrowed down potential replacement dates to celebrate your wedding, when all the chaos has slowed down and we’re back to our much missed normal, it’s time to contact your venue. Yes, the same people who have a long lineup of other weddings that are being scheduled due to coronavirus, might have some suggestions as to whether that date works for them too. Most of the time they’ll give you 3-4 options of dates in which they can accommodate your love celebration. Don’t worry. You are all on the same boat, and they’ll be more than happy to work with you to make your wedding 2.0 even better than you originally imagined. Anticipation is key!

Tell your vendors

The next people in your rescheduling checklist is your vendor list! All those magical elements that originally signed up to contribute to your big day will be more than happy to know that you have decided to celebrate your nuptials at a different date, not cancelled the whole thing because the coronavirus was a sign from the universe telling you not to get married to the love of your life! It takes a village to make everything perfect and according to your wishes, and these villagers will be nothing if not supportive.

Call your guests

When we say “guests” we are not referring your parents or your in-laws. We know you already asked for their opinion when choosing your new date! But the rest of your friends and family who will be coming from far and wide to celebrate your union and watch you tie-the-knot need to be informed of the change of plans. You want your closest and dearest to bear witness, and take photos, of how stunning you’ll look on your wedding day.

Intimate celebration

The day will come when your original wedding date was supposed to take place. Instead of feeling sad about it, and depending on how things are going in your community regarding safety precautions and social distancing measures, you could have plan a dinner date with your significant other to celebrate your love for one another and the fact that, despite the obstacles life throws your way, you are already there for each other in sickness and in health.


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