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Country Wedding Theme


How to give your wedding a touch of country.

Making your wedding dreams match your rustic loving soul is not quite as hard a task. It takes more than dancing to the melodies of Tim McGraw and Dolly Parton for your first dance as a married couple or including the lyrics to Luke Bryan’s “First Love Song” in your wedding vows. Here are a just few exquisite details you can spread here and there in the reception to accomplish that country theme. From table settings to choosing a rustic venue, here you can find the essential tips on how to match your country wedding décor to your beautiful Calla Blanche dress.


Wedding Dress


First on the list is selecting the perfect venue: a massive barn in the middle of the woods is the way to go! Illuminate the space with the glow of candle lights set on an antique wagon wheel for that added rustic feel. The space is usually large enough to accommodate all your beloved guests and make them feel more than welcome.


For those of you brides-to-be who have a special place in your heart for all kinds of animals and would love nothing more than to have an added bonus to make your wedding more memorable and loving, you can open up your mind to the possibility of including some special guests! Everybody loves farm animals! They’ll make for some pretty unique photographs! Imagine being able to pose next to magnificent creatures such as horses, ponies, rabbits, and cute little pigs… It’s cuteness overload!

Mason jars

Not only are these beautiful pieces of décor trés chic, but they are also incredibly useful! You can store anything from candles for that added rustic glow, or as beautiful centerpieces filled with sand and your favorite flowers. You can even place one for each of your wedding guests at the dining table, with their respective set of cutlery and napkin, and have their names engraved into them for a personalized party favor they get to take home. The possibilities are endless!


Best Wedding Dresses

Cowboy Boots

If you’re already considering going country on your wedding day, may we suggest the perfect pairing for your stunning Calla Blanche gown? We believe you might be saying yes to “Beatrice” style # 120101, or perhaps going your heart has fallen for one of our more romantic lace classics like “Nadine” style # 16109. Any of our gorgeous wedding dresses would go perfect with a pair of fashionable cowboy boots! It’s your wedding day! You already found the perfect lifetime partner, and the perfect dress, time to have fun with your outfit and let your inner cowgirl enjoy the spotlight!

Wooden signage

Let’s say you hold your wedding in the middle of a green open field, under a canopy, and you still want to add that rustic feel to it, one of the best way to accomplish this without going too overboard is by using wood paper for your reception tables! You could even make some signs out of burlap to guide your wedding guests throughout the venue. Remember, It’s the cute little details that count.

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