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Destination Wedding Guide Part 1


Getting married in your hometown has the benefit of not having to worry about logistics, traveling accommodations, expenses, hotel stays, and so many other things, but is the prospect as exciting as venturing to an exotic destination and saying I do in a wonderful setting? If the answer is no, keep on reading. This list covers all the basics of what it takes to tie the knot in that dreamy location you’ve been fantasizing about. Whether you’re thinking about eloping or inviting guests, anywhere outside of your city is considered a destination wedding in our books. Get ready to pack your bags, grab your beau and your perfect wedding dress, and Bon Voyage!

Location, location, location!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think “destination wedding”? Do you picture a beautiful sandy beach and palm trees with the Caribbean Sea as a backdrop? Perhaps it’s saying “I do” on top of a gorgeous mountain surrounded by nature? Wherever it is, make sure it is meaningful enough for you and your fiancé to agree to leave it all behind, limit your guest list, and use up those air miles. This is probably the biggest decision you’ll make in this ordeal, not as important as finding your perfect wedding dress, to be honest, but it’s pretty close. Choose wisely!


Once you’ve carefully selected the destination, it’s time to find out where exactly you want your wedding to take place. Depending on the location, some resorts offer different venues. You can get married on the beach, at a ballroom, in a beautiful garden overlooking the mountainside, will you be exchanging your vows at the same place or going to a church and then coming back to the main venue? Are you renting an AirBnB and commuting to the venue? The possibilities are endless. Just make sure to look at all the options available and pick one that suits you the best. It’s your wedding, your carefully selected guests will accommodate your wishes, and best of all, you’ll have some fantastic photos!


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Pick a date

Since you’ll be traveling, it might be good to look into the weather at your destination. It might get too hot during the summer, and what about hurricane season? What if you want to get married on a cliffside in Colorado surrounded by snow? There is such a thing as too much snow. Consider the weather conditions and the most recommended wedding dates in each location. Your venue is probably the best source of information!


Since you’re making your guests travel to be a part of the best day of your life, it might be a good idea to narrow down your wedding list. Not everyone can afford to take the time off or even go on a weekend getaway to join the celebration. Consider which of your friends and acquaintances are an essential part of your relationship and will do whatever it takes to be with you on your special day.

Expert assistance

A wedding planner in the city where you’re getting married is the best way to tackle all of your questions and concerns. Who better than someone who knows the territory and is an expert in the field to help with the logistics and tick off all the boxes. There are also wedding planners who specialize in destination weddings. There is nothing wrong with asking for help.

Make sure the dress matches the destination

When you go are ready to go wedding dress shopping, be sure to mention to your consultant whether you’re getting married on a beach or at a wintry destination. A light dress with spaghetti straps such as Anastasia LA8234 would be perfect for a wedding in Tulum, Mexico, while a beautiful ball gown such as Ophelia 120120 would be the perfect match to a snowy destination wedding.

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Don’t forget to enjoy every step of the process. Listen to your heart, discuss it with your partner, and wherever it is you decide to get married at, remember your happiness is the main goal.


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