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Every Bridesmaid Needs to do these 9 things at the Ceremony

The ultimate duty of the bridesmaid comes into effect on the day of the wedding at the ceremony. It is the main reason you were asked to assume the role of a bridesmaid. It’s not too much responsibility, but before the bride walks down the aisle in her beautiful wedding dress these are the things you need to be prepared to do (or not do).

DO Be Ready on Cue and In Position

If there is one straightforward task that bridesmaids are responsible for doing, it is to be at the wedding and to walk down the aisle before the bride, on cue! When you’re getting ready to lead the bride down the aisle, you must understand when and how things are supposed to happen because you don’t want to mess up the procession flow.

DON’T Be a Chatty Cathy

We understand this is such a giddy time for everyone involved in the wedding. At this point, it’s probably been months of planning, and you can’t believe the day is finally here. That being said, it’s not okay to be a ‘Chatty Cathy’. By talking a lot or talking loudly, you’re going to disrupt the wedding or take away from important matters that people are trying to deal with to keep the ceremony running smoothly.

DO Be Respectful of Whoever is Running the Show

Whether it’s the planner, the officiant, the maid of honor, or somehow the bride and groom themselves running the show, you need to be respectful and listen to their direction. Since there’s been so much planning put into this entire event, it would suck if someone decided to take decisions into their own hands without consulting whoever is in charge. Try not to alter previously thought-out choices and support the bride and groom’s vision for their wedding.

DON’T Forget to Keep an Eye on ‘Important Children’

If the wedding is taking on a traditional approach, you’re likely to have some younger individuals who are part of the wedding party, but are running amuck. The bride and groom will be too preoccupied, and if the parents aren’t part of the wedding party, then chances are the duty will fall upon you to keep an eye on the youngins. Watch the children and keep them close; more importantly, their big debut is coming up, keep them looking cute and sharp.

DO Stand by the Bride at the Altar

Part two of your straightforward tasks during the ceremony (after leading the bride down the aisle) is to stand by her side at the altar. One of the prettiest sites is seeing all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen standing beside their bride and groom. Stand up tall, smile, and don’t be afraid to shed a tear or two; it is a beautiful moment.

DON’T Make the Bride Look Bad

In the moments before you leave the bride’s side to walk up the aisle, each bridesmaid should take a peek at the bride and make sure she looks stunning. Whether it’s fluffing her wedding dress or adjusting her veil, you want to make sure that when all eyes are on the bride (because they will be), that she looks and feels beautiful.

DO take the bouquet

Another simple yet essential task is for the maid of honor right at the altar. Once your bride approaches the arbor (the arch she and groom stand beneath), she’ll have to get rid of her bouquet so she can take her soon to be partner’s hands lovingly, that’s where you come in. As a bridesmaid, one of your responsibilities is to hold the bride’s bouquet through the ceremony and take care of it (or find a safe space – and vase – for it)

DON’T Forget to Witness the Marriage License Signing

No one ever talks about the wedding’s legal part, but after reciting the vows and each person says I do, the marriage license needs to be signed. Only the maid of honor and best man need to be present for the signing, but make sure it does happen, so everything is official! Anyone can be a witness (if they’re over 18), if it’s not you and the best man, make sure the bride and groom have someone selected.

DO get ready for photos

Once the wedding party has filed out of the venue, instantly (if photos don’t happen beforehand), the couple (at the hands of the photographer) will toss you into a whirlwind of making memories. Hopefully, you’re prepared and have been working those facial smiling muscles to take photos with the bride, the groom, the groomsmen, and all of the various group shots.

It’s not too much to keep in mind on the big day, but as a bridesmaid your responsibilities lie with these nine Do’s and Don’ts. Hopefully now you’re covered to be the best bridesmaid on the wedding day, but if you’re not 100 percent, check out The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid.


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