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Engagement Announcement

Engagement Announcement or Bridesmaid Proposal

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First things first: Engagement Announcement or Bridesmaid Proposal? If your mind isn’t in a complete flurry from saying yes to your partner (congratulations by the way), there’s a chance you’re not doing your engagement right. For those of you brides to be with a mind running a mile a minute, you’re probably asking yourself 1,000,000 questions. How will my wedding dress look? Who will my bridesmaids be? How will I announce my engagement? All of which are valid, but there’s a particular order for you to consider the latter two questions. Experts suggest making your bridesmaids proposals before announcing your engagement. This way your bridesmaids can be a part of the engagement party planning. Here’s a breakdown as to why:

A Clear Mind Means Good Decisions

Engagement Announcement

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Do not rush into things. It’s perfectly okay to tell all of your family and closest friends about your engagement right away (keeping that circle as small as possible, of course). However, what you shouldn’t do is ask your best five gals to be your bridesmaids that same day. Think about what you expect from your bridesmaids and which of your chosen ones can live up to that expectation; also don’t forget to give extensive thought to simple details such as the number of bridesmaids needed. Brides often find themselves asking too many to participate in this role and end up being overwhelmed. Some ways to figure out who should be in the bridal party are:

Discussing with your partner how many groomsmen they may expect to have

Considering whether the wedding party should be coed (to include bridesmen and groomswomen)

Waiting 60 days to evaluate who you can rely on over the months of planning

A One-on-One Conversation

Before you even ask your bridesmaids to join you on this journey, there are a lot of things you and your partner need to consider first. Breaking down the essentials before bringing others into the equation means too many opinions won’t muddle your wedding vision. After all, it is a wedding between you and your partner, and while you appreciate others’ input, you can always take their opinions under advisement at a later date. Besides, you’ll feel a lot better if you sort all the details out. This way you can field all of the incoming questions once you announce the big news.

Bridesmaids Need Details to Assist

Now that you have the details down pat, and you’ve taken the time to consider who will make your “team bride” an all-star team, you can feel more confident about the wedding happening as planned. Realistically, without first making the decisions mentioned above, your bridesmaids wouldn’t be of much help to you anyway. Your bridesmaids’ role is to help you fulfill your wedding vision. Having already given thought to what that may look like, you can effectively give them all the necessary information to pull it off.

Now that you have the details and the team, you can confidently announce the engagement to the world. When it comes to the engagement party that will soon approach, there will be no need to worry because the “team bride” is already assembled and by your side.

Your bridesmaids are a big part of pulling off many pre-wedding events. Asking them to join you on your crusade early on will give them ample amount of time to be prepared. We suggest asking them 8 months – 1 year prior to the wedding date. Between choosing to announce your engagement, and asking the chosen ones to be your bridesmaids, always ask the bridesmaids first. Trust us, choosing your bridesmaids first will make your life easier.

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