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Gifts to Show How Much You Appreciate Your Bridesmaids

Wedding bells are on the horizon, and though you may not have been a bridezilla, you have a squad that has gone above and beyond for you over a long stretch of months; they’ve been there to help with planning, pick the wedding dress, and keep you sane. Perhaps your bridal party received a few items when you asked them to be your bridesmaids initially; (while most contents were likely bride tribe swag), now you want to give something else to show your appreciation for all their dedication and hard work. (If you’ve just been proposed to, not to worry, there are some bride tribe suggestions below as well.) Consider presenting any of these gifts (individually or as a collection) to your bridal party during the rehearsal dinner or at the post-wedding brunch, and they will be sure to feel the love.

The ‘I just said yes’ gifts

Here are the items that will be perfect for inviting your bridal party to join you on your wedding planning journey.

  • ‘Tie the knot’ ring, bracelet, or necklace
  • Bridal party socks
  • Foldable flats
  • Custom bridesmaid dress hanger
  • Custom compact mirror
  • Hardshell personalized clutch
  • Bridesmaid mug
  • Bridesmaid satin robe or pajamas

The ‘man of the party’ gifts

Here are the items to gift the bridesman in your bridal party and make him feel part of the team.

  • Brand spanking new dress shirt
  • Personalized (multitool) pocket knife set
  • Slippers
  • Personalized cozy robe
  • Personalized leather weekender bag
  • Grooming kit/skincare items
  • Bridesman cufflinks

The ‘she deserves a day off’ gifts

Here are items for the bridesmaid that was always available, always delivered, and never took a break.

  • Bath bombs
  • Oil diffuser
  • Silk eye mask
  • Jade face roller
  • Customized engraved flask
  • Sea salt bath soak

The ‘you made my wedding possible’ gifts

Here are the items for that bridesmaid or maid of honor that means the world to you and possibly had a hand in making your dream wedding come true.

  • Studded earrings
  • Gold monogram necklace
  • Framed photo or custom illustration
  • Gemstone necklace
  • Sleek watch
  • Silk pajama set

The ‘you’re more than just a bridesmaid’ gifts

Here are items for the bridesmaids that lead their own busy lives and have their own unique interests. Show how much you appreciate them for taking the time to be a part of your wedding.

  • Personalized gym bag
  • Personalized pocket journal
  • Personalized yoga mat
  • Gift basket geared towards their interests
  • Portable cooler stool

The ‘beyond the wedding’ gifts

Here are the items your bridesmaids will find useful once the wedding is over and they may be able to use daily.

  • Personalized travel jewelry case
  • Customized tote bag
  • Monogrammed agate coaster set
  • Personalized fold over clutch
  • Ring dish/jewelry tray

Hopefully, the wide range of gifts mentioned above gave you an idea for every member of your ‘I do’ crew. Don’t be afraid to group multiple items if you can’t decide on one particular present, and don’t forget to write a sweet and heartfelt card as they’ll appreciate that the most. For more tips and tricks, visit The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid.


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