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How Many Bridesmaids Is Too Many Bridesmaids

How Many Bridesmaids Is Too Many Bridesmaids?

If you are like 90% of the female population, you probably started working on your bridesmaids list since you were 10. From that list, you already know who your Maid of Honor will be, and who will get a coveted spot in your entourage to help you make the biggest decision of all: choosing your perfect wedding dress. Throughout the years, however, some friends might have come and gone, and odds are the list has changed somewhat. Consider yourself fortunate if the OG names remain on the run by the time you found your prince charming and he finally popped the question. Now comes the first challenge: how any bridesmaids should you pick?

When to start?

The clock is ticking! Experts recommend asking your bridesmaids before you officially announce your engagement, for both practical and sentimental reasons. The women that get to be by your side at the altar will also play a pivotal role in helping you plan all pre-wedding events, starting with an engagement party that will be as lavish or intimate as you and your fiancé want it to be. The sentimental reason is because you know some of your besties will be expecting an invitation. Whether these ladies have been your friends since you were little girls and joined you in dreaming about your respective wedding days, or they’re women you met in the past couple of years who you have really connected with, the best way to appreciate their friendship is by asking them as soon as possible.

What is the right number?

How Many Bridesmaids Is Too Many Bridesmaids

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Let’s start off with the number. When it comes to the number of bridesmaids in your entourage, there are no rules. Some brides are fine with having a small group of bridesmaids, just their Maid of Honor and two of their closest friends. Other brides have no problem asking 10 of their besties, relatives and friends included, to be a part of the celebration. When making this decision, you have to consider the size of your venue and how much of an investment the whole ordeal will be for you and them.

What is your budget?

Depending on your overall wedding budget, you and your significant other might be okay with covering some of the expenses regarding your bridesmaids. Be it paying for their bridesmaids’ dresses, their hair and makeup for the day, or even if you are planning a big bachelorette party/weekend getaway. Your budget, and however much money you think your girls will have to spend to be a part of your team, are a big part of this decision.

Find a number you’re comfortable with. There are no limits as to how many people should be honored with the title of one of your bridesmaids. Make sure whoever makes the cut, will know your likes and dislikes, your personality as well as that of your partner, what they can and cannot do in the pre-wedding events, and have team player and organizational skills.

How bridesmaids can help?

If there is one way your bridesmaids can contribute to the wedding planning process, besides helping you find your perfect wedding dress, it’s by helping with some DIY activities to cut keep your budget in line. From planning the bridal shower, the wildest bachelorette party, most luxurious engagement party, making centerpieces, signage and wedding favors, your bridesmaids can be of great assistance to making your wedding dreams come true.

Your bridesmaids will not only help with the physical aspects of your wedding and contribute to making it all come together, but they will also be there to support you when things don’t go as expected, and you feel like the stress and the anxiety of the evening are getting to you. Don’t feel obligated to choose someone to be your bridesmaid to return a favor, or to make someone happy. Choose the right people who you’ll vibe great with. It’s your wedding after all! It’s the happiest day of your life! If there’s one important decision you need to make for this momentous occasion, besides saying yes to your dream Calla Blanche wedding dress, it’s who will be by your side when you say “I do”.

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