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Perfect Bridesmaids Dresses

How to Choose Perfect Bridesmaids Dresses

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If you have an idea as to what your wedding dress will look like, then it’s time to put some focus on your bridesmaids’ dresses. It’s entirely your choice as to whether you want to give them the freedom to choose a dress on their own or if you’ll do it yourself. Knowing your wedding dress look may make selecting bridesmaids’ dresses a much simpler process. Their dresses can be complimentary to your wedding dress as well. Consider these six tips for choosing the perfect bridesmaids dresses for your bridal party.


The very first step is to look around and explore all of your options. Get familiar with the various styles from which you have to choose. You can search online (using Pinterest, Instagram, or various shops to broaden your scope). You can also go old school and look through bridal magazines. They will often include many bridesmaids’ looks as well. Whether you’re looking online or in magazines, be sure to pin and cut out all of your favorites to save them for future reference. While browsing, consider lengths, silhouettes, colors, necklines, fabrics, and the overall styles. Lastly, make sure it fits with your wedding theme.


Perfect Bridesmaids Dresses

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Getting carried away with the look of a dress can happen very quickly. Before you settle on the dress, you’ll want to consider the budget you can accommodate. Now that you know which types of gowns you’re aiming for, you can pick boutiques and websites that carry your price range. Sticking to what you can manage prevents you from falling in love with a dress that is not accessible. The last thing you want to do is feel pressured (or pressure anyone) into buying something that just isn’t in the budget.

Consider Your Shopping Style

It is your wedding, so as mentioned previously, you can pick the bridesmaids dresses yourself. You can also hand off the responsibility to your bridesmaids (with some possible guidelines). If you decide to choose the dresses on your own, you don’t necessarily need to have the bridesmaids with you during this time. It’s best to consider what your typical shopping mannerisms are. If you prefer to shop alone, are usually opinionated, and sure of your preferences, then you’re probably better off shopping solo. Alternatively, if you enjoy having someone else’s input during this process, then definitely bring some or all of your squad along with you.


The wedding timeline is always shorter than it seems, so make sure you have precise planning earlier rather than later. Once you place the bridesmaid dress order, it can take months to receive them. Also, the bridesmaids dresses require numerous appointments and plenty of time for finding the right size, fitting, and completing alterations. Having a thoroughly planned timeline is essential, but sticking to your timeline is vital and will keep you on track.

Don’t Forget Colors & Textures

Sometimes brides pick their favorite color for a bridesmaid dress, where you might love how the group photos turn out from the wedding day, it might not be the right color to go with for this occasion. When picking a color, take into consideration the season, venue, and the wedding theme palette. The season could steer you away from colors that may attract insects or overheat your bridesmaids if the wedding takes place outdoors on a hot day. The venue may incorporate a lot of greenery or wood, each of which can cause clashing backdrops if your bridesmaids’ dresses are similar colors. You should also look at the wedding theme palette for inspiration to avoid conflicting color choices.

Another area you’ll want to consider is skin tone. Certain colors will look more complimentary on one skin tone than another. If you have a bridal party with lots of skin tone variation, some neutral colors are beautiful on anyone. Some of these colors include dusty rose, light grey, lilac, navy, black and white.

Silhouette’s Matter

It’s necessary to recognize that bridesmaids can come in very different heights, shapes, and sizes. Sometimes, certain silhouettes will look better on one person than another. This realization is likely what started the mismatched dress trend. Everyone just wants to look and feel their best, so consider your bridesmaid’s body types when looking at the dress silhouette for a beautiful and comforting outcome.

Choosing a bridesmaid dress may seem like a difficult feat, but with these tips, you’ll find yourself one step closer to getting the job done! Check out The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid for more info on everything bridesmaid related!



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