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How To Make A Fall Signature Wedding Cocktail

No matter what the size of your wedding, there is always so much to think about, so making a to-do list as early as possible is a good idea. We know that your wedding dress is at the top of your list, but don’t forget to add a signature cocktail. It’s very trendy to have your own cocktail, this can be your own creation, your special forever drink. But if you do decide on a signature drink, remember that you cannot please everyone’s palette, so try to incorporate something that most people will drink in their everyday lives. Also make two cocktails, this will give the guests an option.

Lots of couples have a theme for their wedding, so this can also be taken into consideration when you come up with your special cocktails. For example, if your theme is a bohemian or rustic style wedding, a rustic wedding, you could set up an old trailer, there are many used for sale that could be bought at a budgeted price. Your trailer can be painted in a vintage or rustic color, surrounded with some fairy lights or lanterns, wildflowers, bails of hay, and some old wooden pieces that could be made into signs advertising your signature drinks. If you cannot find a trailer, find a handyman to put together your bar with some old recessed wood and paint some fun old-fashioned quotes. Buy some mason jars, some old-fashioned straws that are biodegradable, and paper napkins decorated with wildflowers, or have them monogrammed. Below are some cocktail ideas for your signature cocktails, one could also choose to make it a lighter drink with low alcohol content. All served chilled.

For a more classic or traditional wedding, replace the mason jars with martini glasses, whiskey and tumbler glasses. If there is already a bar at the location, instruct the bartender on what signature cocktails you would like to have served. Make sure to have some fun cocktail picks to dress up your drinks with fruit or vegetables and small cocktail napkins with the bride and grooms’ initials.

A Blue Blush. 1oz of HPNOTIQ, soda water, with a few fresh blueberries in the glass served chilled, with a twist of lemon. This is a lighter drink, with low alcohol.

A Free Spirit. 1oz of elderberry liqueur, sparkling white wine and lemonade, with a slice of lime. This drink is not too heavy.

A Wind Charm. 1oz of vodka, 1oz of grapefruit liqueur, mint leaves with a twist of lemon.

My rock. strong and sweet, 1oz of vodka, 1oz of crème de cacao, and a dash of Grand Marnier and soda.

My bestie. Two spirits are joined. 1oz of Rum and 1oz of vodka mixed with limoncello and soda.

Holy Moly. 1oz of Benedictine, 1oz of Brandy with soda on the rocks.

Champagne crush.  Champagne add 1oz of Grande Marnier, a twist of lemon and lime.

Espresso cocktail. One espresso coffee shot, 1oz of vodka, 1oz of Kalua, fresh cream served over ice.

Hope you found this article interesting, for more interesting articles check out our Ultimate Fall Wedding Guide.

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