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How To Make A Monochromatic Fall Wedding

How To Make A Monochromatic Fall Wedding? Fall is such a beautiful time of the year. It is believed to be the most popular time for couples getting married. We all dream of the day we will marry, and after you have bought your gorgeous wedding dress, its time to think of the rest of your wedding planning.

If you decide on a monochromatic theme for your wedding, first think of your colour scheme. Some bridal couple will decide on one colour only. While others have decided on tones or shades of one colour, or to go a shade lighter or darker from your primary choice of colour.

Ivory Wedding Theme

Monochromatic Fall Wedding

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If your wedding dress is ivory, the bridesmaids could also be a shade of the ivory palette, apart from the lush greenery of the foliage in the bouquets. Everything could be a different shade of white or ivory. This is a sophisticated look and is becoming very popular.

Earth Tone Wedding Theme

If you decide on adding one fall colour like a warm earth tone, choose a rustic orange and incorporate a couple of lighter or darker contrasting shades. Moreover, you could bring the outside fall landscape into your theme. Have the groomsmen wear a lighter shade of flower in their lapels, Orange poppies, dahlias, and orange ranunculus with a sprig of eucalyptus could make beautiful bridesmaids’ bouquets and would look amazing as a centerpiece. Decorate large containers with larger flowers like hydrangeas, with hearty foliage to make it luscious.

Blue Wedding Theme

Use your own unique style! For example, if you decide on a blue wedding theme, there are lots of options available like blue hydrangeas, irises, cornflowers and geraniums to mention a few. These colours are popular in bridesmaids’ dresses, as well as midnight, navy and light blue. The fondant on the wedding cake could also be a custom colour of your choice. Moreover it can have some petals from your fresh flowers placed delicately around the cake tiers.

How to Decorate Monochromatic Fall Wedding

The reception tables could have white linen cloths with silver chargers. You can also choose a shade of your colour  palette, and white chair covers accented with a colour tie. However, try not to select too many different shades. When it comes to organising a wedding theme you should keep to just a few shades of  colour, and as a neutral, tea lights always give a reception table great ambiance.

Decorate the bar with string lights and garlands, with fresh fall leaves. Have matching coloured cocktail napkins, and  make a signature cocktail with a colour contrasting your theme. You can also have a cup cake stand , or an ice cream stand with all the toppings and again incorporating from your colour shades. It is also popular  to have your own cookie stand with your custom coloured icing with the initials of the bride and groom. In fact this is a great party favor for your guests to take home for a special treat. Wrap it in a small bag tied with a ribbon.

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