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Ideas For How To Plan Your Elopement

Gone are the days when the definition of “elopement” was running off to Las Vegas to get married. Couples who elope nowadays do so for personal decisions. You might be bohemian at heart, or you might find the process of wedding planning a bit overwhelming and with good reason. There are a million things to consider: dietary restrictions for your menu, concerns, and suggestions from your guests and relatives, and trying to please everyone when it’s your special day, might be tough to handle. With that in mind, eloping has become the best way to tie the knot in as intimate and customized a stage you and your partner want it to be. Whether it’s on top of the highest mountain in Luna style # 19130, or on an exotic beach destination in Kyla style LA8103, or simply going to City Hall, find out why so many couples are choosing to elope.

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The ceremony

When it comes to the wedding ceremony, there are no boundaries in the land of elopements. Some couples who have different religious beliefs might opt for a nondenominational ceremony where it’s just the two of them exchanging vows, or they might hire an officiant. There are other couples who find ways to include certain traditions from their respective religions and make it as meaningful as they want. Think of your elopement as a white canvas. There are no rules, just the love between you and your partner, and the promises you make each other.


Since you’ve already chosen to make your wedding as unique and special as possible by eloping, there’s no need for your vows to feel impersonal. Some couples like to work on them together, while others rather write them on their own and surprise each other with their heartfelt emotions. This is your opportunity to put pen and paper to your feelings and make the love of your life know just how deep your love and commitment is.


Wedding rings are one of the most symbolic aspects of the ceremony. Just like your love for each other, they have no beginning and no end. That being said, you can go the traditional way and exchange a beautiful pair of matching gold or platinum wedding bands, or you can let your creativity take the lead. If you’ve come this far in your elopement planning to add classic rings to the mix, maybe you might consider having the rings tattooed onto your fingers, or even designing and crafting them on your own for a more personalized touch.


best wedding dresses

La Perle LP2001 Skye @nikkihollettephotography

Just because you’re eloping and tying the know in a beautiful destination, doesn’t mean you can’t bring any guests. Your parents for sure would like to witness the best day of your life. You can bring your closest and dearest friends as well. Adding the people your love and cherish to the equation will only make the moment that much more meaningful. They might also help in the festivities by throwing rose petals or seeds into the air. Just make sure the seeds are local to the land in order to respect the environment.Keep it intimate

Make it your own

No matter where you go, who your guests are, how much money you spend, in the end, all that matters is that the two of you are going to spend the rest of your lives together. Pay attention to the little things that make your relationship so unique and try to bring those aspects into the mix. When it comes to elopements, remember that all you need is love.

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