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Meaningful Colours Used In A Wedding

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, many memories will be made, so when you choose your wedding dress it is usually your personal choice, and the color you pick is because it is one that best suits you and your personality. Some cultures choose a colour for other reasons, like religion or superstitions, or maybe a myth, so here are some of the meanings behind colours that are represented in a wedding.

White has always been the most popular colour for a wedding dress since the mid-1500s when Queen Victoria made it popular when she married King George. Prior to her wedding, ladies wore colored dresses like blue, pink or yellow, this was because a coloured dress could be worn many times over for different events, and white was too formal of a colour. White is thought to represent innocence, perfection and virginity, so walking down the aisle in white is a symbol of purity.

Today’s modern brides prefer Ivory as a traditional option to white for the reason it may look more sophisticated, as well as modern. Most western designers have made their dresses in the colour Ivory for most of their samples, some are creamier in colour and some are a much lighter shade of Ivory so be sure to choose one that is best suited to your skin tone.

Red is a popular colour in Asia, so in China and India, it is popular for the bride to wear a bright red wedding gown. Red is believed to create energy and life, and it brings luck and happiness to the newlyweds. It is not uncommon for a bride in an Asian country to have two wedding gowns, the other being white or Ivory.

In Japan, most brides wear all white for their wedding day, it is a silk kimono, and the bride also wears a white silk hood over their hair which is an old Japanese tradition that symbolizes humility and modesty.

Spanish weddings that hold the older tradition are likely to wear a black silk wedding gown, this represents her character that may be revealed to the groom on her wedding day. Although, most modern Spanish brides are choosing to wear more westernized styles of wedding gowns. Orange blossoms are a flower that is incorporated into the bouquet, this represents happiness.

Something blue is a symbol of love, purity and fidelity, these traditions are important for having a good marriage, for most brides the “something blue” could be a blue garter worn beneath the bride’s wedding dress or a blue ribbon pinned to the inside of the bride’s gown.

As a guest of the wedding, it is not recommended to wear a white or ivory dress, this is the bride’s big day and she is the only one who should be in white or ivory unless you have heard she will be donning something different.

I hope you have found this article interesting, for more interesting articles please check out our Fall Ultimate Wedding Guide.

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