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Modern Wedding Theme


Classic weddings have paved their way through history books and photo albums. They are beautiful in their detailing and sophisticated touches. But there’s nothing wrong with breaking apart from tradition every once in a while. If you are a bride-to-be who is modern and minimalistic at heart, you’ll know that less is more. So long as you get to be the center of attention in a spectacular wedding dress such as Calypso LA20120 and dance the night away with your partner for life, that last thing on your mind will be intricate traditional décor. You know your guests will have everything they need without feeling overwhelmed by too many decorations. Below you’ll find some great tips on how to plan a chic modern wedding.


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Who said you can only celebrate your wedding in a luxurious ballroom? If modern luxury is what you’re looking for, perhaps an art museum is more up your alley. The space is usually roomy enough, and the elements of concrete, white walls, subtle lighting, and being surrounded by contemporary art will be an effortless way to set the theme. Holding your reception at an aquarium is also quite unique and might add a sense of calm to your wedding that could go great with all the modern details of your décor. Another venue to consider is a beautiful garden.


Clean lines and monochromatic color schemes are staples of a modern wedding. Wood, concrete, and acrylic come together to add texture and dimensions to wide-open spaces. The trick is not to overcrowd anything. All white tables with exquisite minimalistic tableware, ghost chairs in a garden setting, parchment paper and vellum in the stationery, touches of gold industrial elements, and string lights. Incorporating natural elements such as plants, water, and pebbles into your décor is another great way to balance the cool industrial materials.


Picture this: your favorite DJ playing lounge music during cocktail hour, while your guests gather around and mingle. Behind them, photos of the two of you from your engagement party, and a couple of candids from your time together appear on the walls. Another good use for the projector would be to make it appear as if you were walking on a path of roses, or clouds, on your way to the altar. Nothing but harmless technology for a discrete wow factor.


Wedding Dresses

After “I do”

Bridesmaids dresses

There’s no point having your ladies in matching dresses. One benefit of having a modern wedding and having so many elements flow effortlessly is the freedom it gives to your bridesmaids to come up with their own creations. Perhaps you might ask them to wear the same color palette, but the style of the dress is entirely up to them. You want everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin and being an intricate part of the wedding means they will be in a lot of photos. Have fun with it and get creative. One suggestion would be to ask them to each wear the same color but each one a different shade, from dark to light, to create a chic ombre effect.

A modern wedding takes simple and turns it into sophisticated. If you’ve already found your entire wedding theme but still feel like you are missing something, go over our Ultimate Guide to Choosing your Perfect Wedding Dress. And don’t forget to use our store locator to find the bridal store closest to you.


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