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New Wedding Traditions in 2023

New Wedding Traditions in 2023

Looking for new wedding traditions in 2023? Weddings are steeped in traditions that many brides choose to incorporate into their special day. From the bride wearing a white wedding dress to tossing her bouquet, some wedding traditions are still popular to this day. However, part of personalizing your wedding day and making it unique is determining which wedding traditions are right for you. Not a fan of the wedding march? Would prefer to skip the garter toss? Absolutely hate the idea of smashing the wedding cake into your face? Feel free to skip these traditions and choose what works best for you.

Here are all the trendiest wedding traditions in 2023 that you can include on your wedding day!

First Dance Alternatives

Year after year, first dances are becoming less popular, with most couples choosing to forego the tradition. There are many reasons soon-to-be-newlyweds might not want to do a first dance at their wedding. Maybe they don’t like being the center of attention. Maybe dancing isn’t your thing. No matter the reason, couples are coming up with the first dance alternatives so they can personalize their wedding while still having a special moment to mark the start of their lives together. Opt for a wedding party dance, substitute a first dance with karaoke or even play a game! There are so many options available. Thus, pick something that will reflect your and your fiance’s personality and go big with it!

New Wedding Traditions in 2023

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Getting Ready Together

What was once considered “bad luck” is getting really popular in 2023. Getting ready together is a great opportunity to keep your nerves under control and makes for a really fun time with your partner. Trust us, your wedding day will go by fast! And this tradition will allow you to spend the entire day together, rather than just a couple of hours after the wedding ceremony. Moreover, getting ready together means more photo opportunities! These candid moments between the two of you will definitely create some of the most memorable images from your wedding day.

Private Last Dance

Your wedding day is going to be busy and packed with attention, toasts, cake cutting, and dancing the night away. Thus, it’s also important to slow down and appreciate just the two of you and soak in the moment away from your wedding guests and the spotlight. Enter the private last dance! It is perfect for couples who want to enjoy their last minutes entirely alone with one another and reflect on the day they’ve had before they make a grand exit. This will also give your photographer a chance to snap additional photos of just you and your boo!

Multiple Looks

In 2023 brides are looking for more than one outfit for their wedding day. This tradition has grown even more over the years. Many brides and grooms take the opportunity to change their more formal ceremony attire for something more fun and exciting. Think bridal jumpsuits, flirty short dresses, or even two-piece sets. Moreover, having multiple wedding outfits  means that you won’t look the same in each photo, and you won’t have to choose between your two favorites! 

If you don’t want to overspend on a second dress but still want to create a different look for your reception or after party, you can now easily get two looks in one by choosing only one gown. Opt for a multi-purpose design on your wedding day. Detachable overskirts, optional sleeves, jackets, and even capes will instantly take it from the ceremony to the dancefloor!

Skipping the Wedding Registry

Planning a wedding can be time-consuming. Especially if you’re trying to balance wedding planning with a full-time job, household chores, and even taking care of children. These days, instead of setting up a wedding registry with household items and decorations, couples are opting for more modern gifts, like cash or charity donations. Cash provides so many options to the couple. They can spend it on a down payment for their first home, use it towards their honeymoon, and even invest it in experiences like cooking classes, cocktail lessons, or even pottery. 


Sometimes it’s nice to change wedding traditions and shake things up a bit! Customization is what will make your wedding exceptional and uniquely yours. At the end of the day, it’s your wedding day so pick things that make your love special and rare and celebrate just that! If you found these new wedding traditions in 2023 helpful, we’ve got tons of other tips and tricks, so make sure you check our Top Wedding Guides!


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