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Non-White Wedding Dress for The Non-Traditional Bride

Moving on from that brief History lesson, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why wearing a white, off-white, ivory or eggshell wedding dress might not be the right choice for you. Let’s face it; your wedding day is the most important and happiest day of your life. Wouldn’t you want to experience it in its fullest while bring true to yourself? There’s a limit to how much your personality can shine through in a fabulous embroidered, sparkly, lace and tulle ivory ball gown like our Vivanna 120131. But if you’re the kind of woman that needs a little more than sultry textures to make a statement, here’s a few options of how to incorporate color into your wedding gown.Did you know that a white wedding dress did not actually symbolize “virginity” or “purity”? Although it has been given that meaning in the past few years, the color white was actually associated with luxury and money back in the mid 1800s when the trend first began. It wasn’t until Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840 that brides started falling in love with the idea of walking down the aisle in a pristine white wedding dress. Think about it, there weren’t dry cleaners back in the day, so the thought of wearing a white dress only once and then pretty much having to throw it away or not being able to wear it again, after just one evening was quite frivolous.

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If you like the concept of wearing a colored wedding dress but you want to do it in a subtle way, some wonderful wedding dress designers have made a few of their wedding gowns available in neutral hues. Nude, beige, taupe and champagne are some bride pleasers, but you might also consider a beautiful, light and airy grey A-line wedding dress like our Whitley LA9105.


One huge factor that can influence the color choice for your unique wedding dress will be the season in which your wedding is taking place. Consider the color palette and theme of your wedding. Perhaps you’re getting married on a sunny beach in Mexico << link to destination weddings>> in the middle of the summer, and your palette is centered around peach, yellow and orange. A stunning A-line dress like our Anastasia LA8234 in blush might be the perfect match. Or what if your wedding décor is completely white with tiny pops of color, wearing a pink, baby blue, or lavender one of a kind mermaid gown will make all eyes fall on you. Not that you need it, you will be the stunning bride no matter what color of the rainbow you wear.


Perhaps you would love to wear a bold color because your skin complexion is on the lighter end of the spectrum and you just know that stone colors look amazing on you and it brings out the copper highlights in your hair, don’t be afraid to step outside the traditional wedding dress box. Your wedding day might be the perfect occasion to be the lady in red in that stunning ruby trumpet gown you’ve been visualizing ever since you got engaged.

If your wedding has a strict monochromatic dress code in which your guests are only allowed to wear all white or all black, and you want to make an entrance, there is a fabulous all black ball gown out there with your name on it.

If you absolutely love color but are not quite sure about wearing it all over your wedding dress, some designers have come up with ways to incorporate touches of color via bold prints. From flowers to abstract pieces of art, there are no limits to how spectacular and aesthetically pleasing you can look in the right wedding dress that is a perfect match to your beautiful personality.Prints

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, check out The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Dress for help you in your search.


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