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Our Brides Featuring Brooke Wilson


A love story featuring Our Brides in Our Wedding Dresses!

Brooke had been single for a while and really thought that she was over the dating scene. That is until she was introduced to Mike through friends. Brooke had decided to branch out and start hanging out with different friend groups. One of those groups took her out to a boat parade. That is the first time she had noticed Mike. But, as things go, she didn’t really think a lot about it. The next weekend, Brooke went to Lake Arrowhead and he was there. The whole weekend, he kept flirting with her but didn’t make any kind of move. The next weekend, the same thing happened. Brooke felt she couldn’t handle it any longer!

The weekend after that, Mike, Brooke and a bunch of friends landed up in Laguna Beach. She had a little too much to drink at night and powered by liquid courage, she decided to go and talk with Mike. As she looked around, she spotted him talking to two girls at the bar. Brooke interrupted their conversation and jokingly introduced herself to Mike. It was at that moment that Mike knew that she was the one. He always thought that she was hard to read but now he saw the true side of her and fell in love. The two girls Mike was speaking with walked away and that is when he kissed Brooke for the first time. They were inseparable after that night. They went on their first official date a week later and have been together ever since.

Mike and Brooke had gone to attend one of Brooke’s best friends’ wedding and Brooke caught the bouquet by coincidence. After catching the bouquet, everyone kept asking them when they would be getting engaged. Brooke just laughed it away because there were no signs from Mike as such. She knew he was going to propose sometime in 2017 but didn’t know when and didn’t want to put undue pressure on Mike. Little did she know that Mike had a proposal planned and had only informed their parents and close family members!


Brooke and Mike’s wedding was held on November 3 rd , 2017 at Coto Valley Country Club in California.

Brooke’s favorite memory of the wedding was walking down the aisle and hearing Mike’s vows. She loved the fact that they were so heartfelt!


Another favorite memory she shares with us is her Dad getting Bob Carlile to come in person to sing his song, Butterfly Kisses for their first dance.

Brooke bought her dress from Mary Me Bridal in Orange, California!

Brooke recalls that the dress was the first of five dresses she tried on. And, the love was instant! She tried on the other dresses but all she wanted to do was to put the first one back on because she knew it was the one. She loved the fact that it was both elegant and sexy at the same time. It was everything Brooke was looking for and more!


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