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Our Brides featuring Erin Copp


A love story featuring OUR Brides in OUR Wedding Dresses!

Erin and Justin’s relationship began when they met through mutual friends. Justin hosted a Halloween party that Erin attended and although they were dating different people at the time, they ended up with many pictures together from that night. A year later at another Halloween party, they both found themselves in “single” status. Erin remembers a girlfriend saying, “Who’s that guy? You should date him!” Erin’s response was, “Oh, that’s Justin; we have some mutual friends in common.” All Erin really knew about him was that he enjoyed time with his friends and that he played soccer. Unbeknownst to Erin, Justin had always thought she was beautiful and funny and he was quite taken by Erin. They once again shared many laughs over costumes and cocktails at this party and took several pictures together again that night. Not long after that party, Justin asked Erin out on their first date. After being only acquaintances for the past two years, they found an immediate connection over dinner and they both had a feeling it was about to turn into something amazing.

Erin and Justin’s journey had taken their relationship from Arizona to long distance in New Mexico and West Virginia and back together again in Arizona. The distance was never easy but they both valued the laughs they shared and their time together above all other things as they knew that if it was meant to be, they would be together.

Fast forward ten years later, Erin and Justin are living in their new Paradise Valley home with their two adopted dogs, Chaia and Brinley. They have traveled the world together (getting engaged in Ravello, Italy) – a passion Erin and Justin both share, and they are just loving life, always thankful for all of the people and experiences that they have been blessed with. Erin and Justin combined their friends and family over the years, and they were both so excited to move into their next journey of their love story.

Erin and Justin’s Wedding was October 7, 2017

Erin and Justin’s wedding took place at Mountain Shadows Resort in Paradise Valley, Arizona

Justin Popped the question to Erin as they traveled to the Amalfi Coast in September, 2016 for a 10 day trip and unbeknownst to Erin, Justin had the ring with him! He held on tight to it until he found the perfect spot. He said he would just know when the timing was right. On day 7 of their trip, they took a day trip on a bus from Amalfi to the town of Ravello. Without any agenda, they got there early that morning and they felt like they had the town to themselves. They strolled the beautiful streets and gardens and ended up at the Villa Cimbrone. Erin and Justin walked through the gardens and ended up on the villa’s belvedere, Terrazza dell’Infinito (Terrace of Infinity) which is lined by a series of marble statues that sparkle against the blue sky above and the azure waters of the Mediterranean below. Justin knew this was the spot but they finished walking the loop of the Villa Cimbrone first and then Justin convinced Erin to go back to the belvedere to “take more pictures.” Erin fell for it since she loves photography and she started taking more pictures of the dramatic coastline views. Before Erin knew it, she turned back around and Justin was down on one knee. They both had tears of joy and Erin of course answered with a yes to forever with him!

Erins had many wonderful memories from their wedding but one that stands out was about five minutes into their ceremony when their wedding officiant, who is also Erin’s Uncle and Godfather, asked Erin and Justin to turn around and face the audience. It was a beautiful, sunny Arizona day and he wanted them to take it all in and see the joy in the faces of the wonderful people they had brought together that were here to celebrate them and their love for each other. Erin and Justin’s wedding day was going to go by so fast and that was one moment that sort of paused them in time and allowed them to almost view it from an outsider looking in. It’s hard to explain but it was just such a powerful moment of emotions – gratitude, love, happiness and excitement, before they said their I do’s

Erin bought her Wedding Dress from Destiny’s Bride in Scottsdale, Arizona

What made Erin fall in love with her Calla Blanche Dress was even though It was one of the last dresses Erin tried on after visiting two other bridal boutiques. Erin’s mother and maid of honor said her expression instantly changed when she put it on, the curtains opened and there Erin was beaming on her pedestal. Erin took a walk down the runway to show it off and they said she had a smile from ear to ear and Erin looked so confident in it. Erin felt like the Victoria dress was made for her! When Erin started looking for dresses, she knew she didn’t want a traditional wedding dress that you always see (strapless, a-line, lace and tool). Erin wanted something that had detail on it and something that gave her that “wow factor” the moment Erin stepped into view when she walked down that aisle. Erin wanted to make sure that she had a dress that was gorgeous from all angles so the open back detail was perfect. Erin fell in love with the contrasting patterns and textures of lace against her skin because the dress style came off as modern yet elegant and timeless and romantic.


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