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Pinterest Wedding Trends 2022

Pinterest’s Wedding Trends for 2022

When it comes to planning your wedding, we know Pinterest is the place to look. From a wedding dress and veil to floral arrangements and wedding favors, Pinterest has been a favorite amongst brides- and grooms-to-be when it comes to finding much-needed inspiration. No wonder Pinterest is a great place to start with mood boarding and wedding planning.

To help couples with wedding planning, every year, Pinterest releases a wedding report, detailing all the new trends. So, if you’re planning your wedding this year, make sure to check out these Pinterest wedding trends of 2022!


Pinterest Wedding Trends 2022

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Dark Wedding Vibes

Traditionally, brides-to-be want to wear white to their wedding. And don’t get us wrong, we love classic ivory wedding dresses. But with so many beautiful black wedding dresses out there, who says you have to wear white? The latest trends from Pinterest prove that modern brides are stepping away from tradition for something more unique. “Black dress wedding party” searches increased by 34X, “black boho wedding dress” by 4X, and “black wedding ideas” searches are up by 6X. Moreover, “dark wedding ideas” (59X), “dark lovers aesthetic” (39X), and “black wedding cakes” (+94%) are all trending. The most searched color combinations for dark weddings are red and black (4X) and sage green and black (3X).

Forest and Woodland Vibes

2022 is all about connecting with nature and having ceremonies under the trees for a whimsical day to remember. Quite literally. The “woodland fairy wedding” searches increased by 7X, “enchanted forest wedding dress” (5X), and “forest wedding ceremony” (2X). Couples are looking to design a fairytale scene for their wedding day. Think woodland elements like branches, wildflowers, moss, ferns, and earthy tones. Plus the stunning natural beauty of a forest will work perfectly for your wedding backdrop.

Love Is For Everyone

Pinterest is a celebration of all types of love, and its users are proving that. The platform is full of searches for “non-binary wedding outfit” (8X), “lesbian wedding bridal party” (3X), “gay wedding suits” (3X), and “queer wedding” (2X). All couples deserve to have creative freedom with their wedding day and make the day truly a reflection of their personalities. And Pinterest is the perfect place to gather some inspiration and get a look at what other couples are looking at for their wedding day.

Pearl Everywhere

Move over diamonds, pearls are having a moment. Pearls have long been associated with weddings. They are simple, and elegant and can be worn long after your wedding day. From pearl veils and pearl cakes, Pinterest predicted the rise of the pearls back in December. “Pearl wedding” searches increased by 3X, “pearl wedding dress and decorations” increased by 2X, and “pearl cake” (+46%). Pearls can also double as either your “something old” if they are vintage, or “something new” if you decide to buy a new style just to commemorate your wedding day.

Wedding Styles From Every Part of the Globe

Pinterest Wedding Trends 2022

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Celebrating cultures and important traditions are surging on Pinterest as Pinners embrace their roots. In fact, 45% of the top 100 trends in the wedding category are related to different cultures and religions,” Pinterest wrote in its report. Here’s a breakdown of key wedding trends around the world according to Pinterest:

South Asia

  • Latest Haldi outfit for bride – 51X
  • Nikah dress Pakistani brides – 39X
  • Filipino wedding invitation – 2X

East Asia

  • Traditional Chinese wedding dress – 5X
  • Wedding gown Korean – 6X

North America

  • Traditional Mexican wedding dress – 2X
  • Native American wedding traditions – 2X

Latin America

  • Colombian wedding – 2X
  • Peruvian wedding – +76%


  • Modern African dresses wedding – 28X
  • Aso Ebi style –12X
  • Nigerian bridesmaid dresses classy – 10X
  • Rwandan traditional wedding dress – 6X


  • Spanish wedding decor – 7X
  • French wedding style – 3X


Pinterest Wedding Trends 2022

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The Bridgerton Inspo

Thanks to the return of Netflix’s show Bridgerton, all the brides- and grooms-to-be are taking inspiration from the Regency period. Think opera gloves, an empire waistline, delicate embroidery, and romantic sleeves. Pinterest users are mostly interested in “Bridgerton bridal shower” (12X) and “Bridgerton wedding” (+31%). They are also searching for “tea party themed bridal shower” (4X), “pastel bridal shower” (2X), and “garden bridal shower themes” (2X).

Sustainable wedding ideas

Planning a sustainable wedding does not have to be more challenging than planning traditional weddings. However, figuring out what to do and where to start can be hard. Pinners are looking for ways to have a more eco-friendly wedding. They search for “eco-friendly wedding favors” (3X) and “eco-friendly wedding ideas” (2X). Some couples are even considering a different approach to bridal fashion and decor with searches for “thrifted wedding”(3X), “reuse wedding dress” (2X), and “thrifted wedding decor” (+69%).


We hope this list gave you the inspiration you needed! Regardless of your budget, theme, or vision, we have more ideas that will help you plan your wedding. Check out our Top Wedding Trends of 2022 Guide!


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