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Morning of the Wedding

Planning the Morning of the Wedding

Planning the Morning of the Wedding? To create a special day such as a wedding, months of planning are involved and there will be a special team of superwomen who are selected by the bride. If you are lucky enough to be on this team, understand that it is more than just helping to choose the perfect wedding dress! Once you’ve successfully aided in the process of choosing the dress of her dreams and you’ve made it to the big day, here is what you’ll need to know to prepare for your morning.

Bridal Suite Arrival

The beautiful thing about weddings is how diverse and unique they can be. Whether this wedding is at a destination and you’re all at the same hotel, from out of town, or you live right down the street, timing on this day will be everything. Make sure you arrive early, or at the very minimum on time! This will help keep the bride’s nerves settled and start the day off smoothly. This is where all -okay some- of the magic will happen.

Chow down on Some Breakfast

In all of the hustle and bustle, it is very important to eat. Even if you’re not the type to eat breakfast, make sure you consume something throughout the morning! This is the one time you can ignore the bride if she says no! Food may be the key to keeping her on her two feet throughout the day. Have a breakfast buffet arranged, take orders from everyone in the bridal party, pick the food up yourself, or have it delivered but it should have perfect timing. This meal can be anything from just muffins and fruit to bacon and eggs. Remember to keep drinking water, especially if you plan to down a few mimosas.

Set the Mood

Morning of the Wedding

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Don’t you dare forget to make an epic playlist. The goal of the day is to keep things upbeat and the bride happy. What better way to achieve this, than with a playlist to get the bride in a merry mood to marry. Warning: this may create impromptu dance sessions, many loud and off-key sing a longs, as well as smiles across the room. Definitely don’t forget the playlist, and perhaps a portable speaker to play it from.

Glam Squad Arrives

Just in time, the team that kicks things off will arrive and everything will start to set in. The wedding is happening, and everyone will soon look the part! Make sure to stagger out hair and makeup throughout the bridesmaids, first starting with the bride’s makeup. The bride will most likely take the longest, possibly double what it took a bridesmaid to get ready. Consider doing handling the makeup process like this: Brides make up, bridesmaid #1 hair, bridesmaid #2 hair, bridesmaid #3 hair and bridesmaid #1 makeup, bridesmaid #4 hair etc. Hopefully, you booked a makeup artist and hairstylist that have assistants who are prepared to glam up a full squad.

Time to See the Bride in the Wedding Dress

Okay, this is definitely the most fun, exciting, emotional, and occasionally difficult time of the morning. By now, you and the rest of the bridesmaids are already dressed. The mothers of the bride and the groom have arrived (either to also get glammed up, or they’ve gotten their hair and makeup done elsewhere). Now, it’s time for the bride, who has tried on an endless amount of wedding dresses, to put on the perfect gown to match the perfect day.

The mother of the bride or the maid of honor may be up close and personal to help her get into her dress. If the dress is elaborate and there are delicate areas, it may require the whole team to help out. She’ll put her veil on and reveal her magical look. You may cry. Be sure to have some tissues on deck so as not to ruin the makeup you’ve just gotten done.

Lunch Anybody?

Depending on how long your morning took, some tummies maybe grumbling by this point. It’s important to prepare for everything, perhaps you’re all having burgers, maybe a light salad, maybe it’s just yogurt. If anybody is hungry, make sure they are fed! Remember to use caution, for drinks use a straw, and for food take bites far out in front of you so you don’t ruin your dresses (that goes double for the bride). In addition, as previously mentioned, don’t forget to drink more water again!

Grab the Emergency Bag and Get Out the Door

Remember you planned for weeks and months for this day, even if you feel like you’re forgetting something, chances are you are not. You are the best bridesmaid this bride could ask for, your checklists are checked, your phone is charged, and now it is time to go! The last thing you need to remember is your emergency bag because even the best-planned weddings have things that may go wrong. With this bag that holds all of your essentials, you will be set for the day, and possibly for life!

The morning is complete, and you nailed it 100 percent. Now give the bride a big hug and quick pep talk, let her know how beautiful she looks in her wedding dress, and that you’ll see her at the ceremony! Lots of planning went into this day, but your job as a bridesmaid is not over yet. To make sure you are successful in all of your tasks in this role, take a look at The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid.



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