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Pros and Cons of a Small Wedding

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Whether you and your partner are deciding to elope, host 50 of your closest friends and family members, or keep things super intimate with only a handful of your favorites, you should know, small weddings are in their own category of weddings. Choosing to host a small wedding can affect many of your decisions in the planning process, from the venue to your wedding dress style. Here are some pros and cons of a small wedding to help you through your decision-making process.


Pro: Wedding Will be More Intimate and Personal

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The best feature of a small wedding is the ability to customize it perfectly to your taste. Create the wedding that yells *insert happy couple here* without reading the welcome sign that spells it out for you. If you’re looking to create an intimate and personal wedding, consider sizing down for the ultimate experience.

Con: You Can’t Please Everyone

The most challenging part of hosting a wedding with a smaller size is having a smaller guest list, which means letting some loved ones down – yes, it’s the least fun part of it all. To craft the perfect guestlist is a challenging task when there are limited spots available, but to have your dream small wedding, you’ll have to get the job done.

Pro: Great Opportunity to Save Money or Allocate Your Budget Better

Small weddings are financially beneficial and are great for stretching your budget further. From creating a little extra wiggle room in your budget for a better experience to just having fewer items (and people) to worry about, smaller budgets make some of your wedding must-have’s come to fruition.

Con: There May be Some Party Blues

If you’ve always envisioned your wedding to have dancing circles, loud music, and a lively crowd, unfortunately, small weddings are not that type of event. One thing you may not get to experience is a big ‘party’ vibe. While intimate weddings are generally known for being less lively, they offer opportunities for deeper connections and sweet, sweet memories.

Pro: Have a Relaxing Day

Plan a wedding that is as close to stress-free as possible, and yes, you can achieve this unimaginable concept with a small wedding. During a more intimate event, you won’t need to keep track of as many elements as a traditionally larger wedding. Instead, you can focus on the actual day and, more importantly, yourselves; realize that there’s freedom during a smaller wedding to express everything you are as a couple. Be yourself and take in every emotion that overwhelms you on this big day; feel free to cry, laugh hysterically, welcome each moment that comes your way, and actually sit down when you want.

small wedding tips

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Con: Expenses May be Entirely on You and Your Partner

With larger weddings, it’s more common to have others pitch in on the budget – those others likely, being your parents! But that responsibility also often comes with its own caveat. When couples receive some money for their wedding expenditures, parents typically get an extra hand out of invites for their own set of guests. Unfortunately, taking away their guest invite privileges can lead to a decrease or outright cancellation of financial offerings. In other words, consider all of the factors involved when choosing to host a small wedding.

Pro: Manage Your Tasks Better 

We know about the DIY projects you and your team are bound to take on during the planning process, and sometimes they can be hefty tasks with tight deadlines. Luckily, a smaller event means fewer items to create; you may even cut your DIY centerpieces down from seventeen to just seven. More intimate weddings mean less work, a more straightforward planning process, and the ability to keep track of things better.


Ending off on a positive note, because, while some may say a smaller wedding is not for everyone, this more intimate styled wedding celebration surely has Pros and Cons as it creates so many opportunities for you and your partner to enjoy yourselves. Don’t be afraid to cut your list in half and plan the wedding of your dreams! Looking for the best advice on how to do so, check out our post on The Ultimate Guide to Small Weddings.


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