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Planning the Engagement Party

Questions to Ask Before Planning the Engagement Party

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Welcome to the land of the engaged! Now that you’ve said yes, it’s time to kick your planning into gear. Before you can go trying on wedding dresses, the first thing you’ll have to start thinking about is the engagement party. Since there’s so much to cover, let’s go through the questions you’ll need to answer, before you can start planning the perfect engagement party.

Who Hosts the Engagement Party

When it comes to the planning of the engagement party, one of the first things you’ll want to decide is who is hosting. Traditionally, the bride’s parents will take on this responsibility, but today, anything is possible. Many couples opt for hosting their party as they have a say over all of the decisions made. If you and your groom are the types to assume control, then hosting the engagement party is something you should consider.

Who Should You Invite to the Engagement Party

Planning the Engagement Party

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When it comes to wedding events, the golden rule for guest lists is anyone invited to a pre-wedding event should 100 percent be on the wedding day guest list. If you are the one hosting, always keep this golden rule in mind since the decisions are yours! Whereas if you don’t have a say in the guest list, it may be a little harder to navigate.

What Type of Occasion will it be – Formal or Casual

While the host is entirely free to establish the engagement party’s setting, it’s also an excellent opportunity to introduce the couple and who they are. If you plan on making the engagement party more formal, consider a sit-down dinner. In contrast, if you intend on having more of an intimate event, consider a more casual engagement party such as a barbecue or picnic.

Where Can You Host The Engagement Party

The engagement party’s location has a lot of flexibility and depends on what you’re aiming for! Start with deciding whether you’d prefer a formal or casual event. It will help you narrow your search. People often choose to add some variety to their wedding experience by differentiating the wedding’s look and feel from the other events. Remember, you don’t want your engagement party to outshine the wedding itself.

Now that you have an idea of the setting, you can figure out what venue matches that perfectly. Don’t feel constricted to the typical restaurant private dining rooms or your parents’ home because the options are endless! Especially when you start considering parks, beaches, and even art galleries.

When Should You Host the Engagement Party

Experts recommend hosting the engagement party during the sweet spot between being recently engaged and full-blown wedding planning. So, selecting the ‘when’ has many factors attached to it. If you intend on having your engagement be short and sweet, the sooner you throw the engagement party, the better! However, if it’s going to be a long one, you probably have somewhere up to six months. Be sure to plan the engagement party, paying attention to the rest of your events’ timing. This will ensure there is a space between pre-wedding festivities.

Ensure all parties, showers, and luncheons are spread out and have their own space to breathe. You can also bear in mind holidays! Experts recommend grouping your engagement party with a holiday that will easily gather all your loved ones, such as a birthday, New Year’s Eve, or a national holiday. (However, you should avoid Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s Day as most people will have their own plans during those times.)

When Should the Parents Meet Each Other

If you have the opportunity to do so before the engagement party, make sure your and your partner’s parents meet! It gives them the chance to get acquainted with one another. Thus, it’ll save you on the probably awkward vibes that may come up during the engagement party if you don’t.

You’re sure to get a better idea of how you want your engagement party to look after answering these questions! And now the real planning can begin. For more planning tips, and how your bridesmaids can be of assistance check out The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid.



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