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Seasonal Flowers For Your Fall Wedding

Fall is one of the most popular time for a wedding, especially October, which is a very busy month for couples saying I do. There are many things on the to-do list for planning a Fall wedding, and as soon as you choose your dream wedding dress, you have lots of work to do. One important item on your list is choosing your Fall flowers. There are so many beautiful flower options, try to coordinate with your color palette, but don’t overdo it. Colors for fall are strong jewel tones, you don’t want to be overpowering. Flaming reds, orange, burgundy, deep purple, rust-brown and dusty rose to name a few.


Dahlias come in many different varieties and colors to choose from. You could have red, white, pink, burgundy, orange, or yellow to mention just a few colors, and they all come in different shades, so you could make the bridesmaids bouquets and add some small dahlias to the mix. Dahlias also come hearty so you could also add to large flower containers for decorating the venue.

Calla Lilies.

Calla lilies look very soft like an orchard, but in fact, they are a strong flower, they come in many different colors and varieties and look amazing alone in a tall glass vase either in the center of the wedding table or as a feature on a pedestal or column. White calla lilies are very sophisticated flowers while orange or burgundy is a more rustic look.


Roses are a flower that is popular all year round, but they are especially nice in Fall. The bride may choose white roses for her bouquet, or white and dusty rose for a wedding centerpiece, light orange or lilac and also beautiful options. The wedding cake can also be decorated with fresh fall flowers, choose a color from your palette, you don’t have to place full flowers, you could also simply add the petals.


Zinnias are another beautiful fall flower that comes in an array of vibrant colors, these are flowers that come in many different shapes and designs. These also make wonderful bouquets for your bridesmaids, and of course for decorating your venue.


Fall Wildflowers are in full bloom to dress up the inside or outside your venues. Wildflowers are a great look for a rustic outdoor wedding. For your bridesmaids, you could make some beautiful bouquets made of some colorful dense peonies, add eucalyptus, and some babies’ breath wrapped in a burlap ribbon.  Fill a recessed wooden container with cornflowers, sunflowers, and vines for a touch of nostalgia, you could make your own pergola and mix all these fall wildflowers along with some garlands.


Hydrangeas are flowers that could look good anywhere at a wedding venue, in a large glass container filled with white and pink hydrangeas with some English garden roses, add some foliage, and dried berries for a spectacular centerpiece. For a more informal look, you could fill some rustic copper buckets with the hydrangeas, lush foliage, dried berries, and pinecones, surrounding the outside of the pot with some burlap ribbons tied in a bow.

I hope that you have found this article interesting, for more interesting articles please check our Ultimate Fall Wedding Guide.


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