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Small Weddings – Why Is it Right for You?

Small Weddings – Why Is it Right for You?

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What do you come across the most when it comes to planning a wedding? Decisions, of course! There is always an abundance of decisions to make when it comes down to it, and unfortunately, small weddings are no different. Small Weddings – Why Is it Right for You? You still have to consider what venue fits you best, which wedding dress style makes you feel like one in a million, not to mention who is actually going to attend this grand affair. So, how do most couples get through it all? By making one ultimate decision – choosing their why. Now, no one said it would be easy, but we’re here to help you figure it out!

Why is it important to choose your ‘why’?

When you and your partner can sit down and start making decisions about your small wedding’s direction, you may encounter an overwhelming number of options. At times between the two of you, disagreements may arise, and it’s easy to lose sight of what’s in front of you.

Small Weddings – Why Is it Right for You?

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The number one way to avoid this clash is to make sure the two of you are on the same page from the get-go, and that page you need to find yourselves on, is your ‘why.’

The type of ‘why’ for your small wedding

For many couples, small weddings will look drastically different from one to the next because they each have their style preferences and will focus on varying aspects of a wedding. Take a moment to sit down with your partner and uncover an essential factor of your wedding.

Make sure it’s specific to the two of you and not what you hear in the media or from the expectations of others around you. Could any of the following be the core of your small wedding ‘why’? Reasons to have a small wedding:

  • More meaningful and intimate affair
  • It will have a lower and more affordable budget
  • Small wedding can be more personalized and have more of a customizable experience
  • It will be more relaxed and more of a comfortable environment
  • It will be less stressful and a more controlled planning process

Using your ‘why’ in the planning process

Did any of the above strike a chord with you and your partner? If so, that’s likely the reason a small wedding is fitting for you. Now that you know your why, keep it close and remember it through every decision. If you chose a lower budget as your reason for a small wedding, then make sure your funds are always kept in mind.

When deciding between two equally beautiful venues, always choose the cheaper option! (no one can be upset if you’re sticking to the plan!) Perhaps your ‘why’ turned out to be freedom and the ability to create a more meaningful and intimate affair. Then you shouldn’t feel bad about putting a lot of your focus, energy, and budget, towards the moments that are special for just the two of you. For example, the honeymoon or splurging on a venue that speaks to the depths of your relationship specifically.


Planning a small wedding is fun! It’s an exciting experience that truly is in your hands. Never forget that and let your mind explore! For more advice and tips for planning a small wedding, check out The Ultimate Guide to Small Weddings.



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