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Team Bride – What Does it Really Mean

You’ve landed yourself in one of the coveted bridesmaids’ positions; congratulations to you! Just bear in mind, the work has only just begun. What does it mean to be part of team bride? You’re most likely aware of the ‘Team Bride’ phenomenon and that it comes with looking at wedding dresses and wearing team bride swag, but what does it mean for you as a member of this team? Let’s break it down.

Not just to Do Lists

Being part of team bride comes with real responsibilities and requires a certain etiquette (more on this later). In this role, it’s not just about getting a to-do list and checking it off; planning a wedding requires lots of work and many hands on deck. If you want to be an A-1 bridesmaid, this means you’ll need to step up to the plate and take on responsibilities early and often. The best way to show the bride your commitment and support throughout planning is to note your best skills and put them to use. Know a great DJ, somewhere for great discounts on decorations, or the perfect coordinator for her wedding, let her know! Even if the bride turns down your suggestions, you’ll feel good about presenting the option to her. (She may say no to all of your tips, tricks, and advice; try not to feel overlooked, it is her wedding after all.)

Being her Support System

If you’ve participated in a wedding before, then you know how stressful and exhausting planning a wedding can be (if you haven’t, you’ll find out soon). With the months (or intensive weeks) that it takes to put a wedding together, tensions are sure to get high, and stress is sure to appear, in addition to every other emotion under the sun. For the bride, this roller coaster of emotions can be pretty overwhelming, and that’s where you as a support system will come into effect. Your bridesmaid role will call on you to become a positive ray of light and cheerleader for the bride from time to time. Sometimes it’s just necessary to give your full attention to the bride to keep her calm and reassure her that everything will run smoothly.

It’s Not Just a Hashtag

We understand that what you’ve seen in the movies shows being a bridesmaid as matching outfits, team bride swag, and of course an epic bachelorette party, and we’re here to burst that bubble (only a little). We do want to give you a reality check, though, so that when you’re contemplating saying yes to the bride (or when you realize you’re knee-deep in stress already), you have a better understanding of what to expect. The bridesmaid role is all about being the bride’s number two as she should be able to rely on you throughout this process. One way to successfully fulfill this role is by staying off your phone. If the bride has asked you to tag along for a necessary appointment or participate in a DIY session, you need to be attentive and actively present (a lot easier to do when you’re not on your phone). On the other hand, when the bride, maid of honor, or another bridesmaid is trying to contact you, don’t ignore their messages – this is when you should get to your phone ASAP!)

Being Friendly with the Rest of the Team

It’s crucial as a bridesmaid to be friendly with the maid of honor and the other bridesmaids. A conflict between you and another team member can affect the planning process and the bride’s peace of mind. Just be nice, keep your personal opinions to yourself, and always remember who’s team you’re on – the bride’s team (the key to keeping everyone on the same page).

Where being a bridesmaid may not be all champagne popping and coordinated strutting into clubs, it’s still an experience that both you and the bride won’t forget. For more info on what it takes to be a great addition to team bride, check out The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid.


Photo by Brianna Swank

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