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Bachelorette Party Survival Kit

The Bachelorette Party Survival Kit: Everything You’ll Need

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The Bachelorette Party Survival Kit: Everything You’ll Need? The bachelorette party is one of the bride’s last hurrahs as a single woman before she walks down the aisle in her beautiful wedding dress. It only fits that as her bridesmaid, you give her an epic send off. Unfortunately, epic can sometimes involve some wild uncharacterized fun. Wedding fun may lead to a bit of a hot mess. Not to worry, as the bachelorette survival kit will have you feeling like a brand-new woman in the morning. For whatever weekend, night, or day you have scheduled out, your goal is to survive! And with the items listed below, you’ll be able to do just that. Best of luck!

Bottled water

A bottle of water is going to be beneficial throughout the night for several reasons. Water is going to help you take your pain killers. It can also act as a chaser for the terrible cheap shots you buy. Finally, it will keep you and the rest of the squad hydrated.


Bachelorette Party Survival Kit

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Any pain killer is going to be your best friend for this event. Whether you take this at the beginning of the night as a preventative measure or use it the next morning to remedy your hangover.

Lip balm

Nobody, and we mean nobody, has a good time when their lips are chapped. It’s uncomfortable, makes for bad photos, and the alcohol will only make it worse. Be sure to pack a lip balm or two to keep your lips moisturized!


Either option will definitely be a lifesaver for the morning after! Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to have a little breath freshener pick me up throughout the event. (Mainly for the single bridesmaids – the bride, on the other hand, is more than welcome to chew on an onion if she’d like.)

Mini shot bottle/wine split

If you’ve ever tried to have a prolonged celebration that lasts hours or days, then you’re aware that pre-drinking doesn’t last you nearly long enough. For those who plan on including drinking in their festivities, tossing a mini bottle or two of alcohol into your kit will serve to keep things lively when they start to get dull.

Hand sanitizer

Realize that anything can happen during this event, and it’s best to be prepared than sorry when something unfortunate comes your way. Hand sanitizer will work wonders for cleaning messes that you didn’t think you’d find yourself in.

Granola bar/nuts/snack of choice

Another vital element to surviving the night is making sure you’re giving your body the necessary nutrients. Between shots, you may need a snack to keep your battery running. Thus, you’ll be so grateful since you may be only halfway through the night once this feeling hits you.


Whether you need aid for one of your drunken stupor boo-boos or a blister from your brand-new shoes, a few Band-aids can go a long way in helping you survive the night.

Hair Bands

Bachelorette Party Survival Kit

@steenaanne Calla Blanche Joanne 19254

You may start the night looking picture-perfect, but by the end of the night or event (depending on your destination), a hairband may be all your heart desires. When everything’s said and done, put your hair up, lay back, and just relax.

Makeup remover wipes

It’s possible that somebody at some point may start crying, and it could be the bride or a bridesmaid (or both). Therefore, a makeup wipe will be helpful in this situation to help clean up all of the aftermaths. It’s also going to be the easiest solution to making sure wherever you end up at the end of it all, you won’t be sleeping with a caked face of makeup.


This item doubles as an aid for hangover headaches a well as a cover-up for any disaster that may be on your face the next morning. Sunglasses are an iconic survival kit item for the bachelorette party (and they can easily be part of the ‘team bride’ swag).

Other items

For example:

  • Double-sided tape (toupee tape): For any fashion emergencies
  • Pepto Bismol tablets: For any upset stomachs
  • Nail file: To fix any broken nails throughout the festivities
  • Shot glass: To always keep the party going, and they can be used as a favor
  • Pen: Useful for emergencies and bachelorette party games
  • Cash: For any emergencies (or strippers)

If you’ve planned out the perfect bachelorette party, then all you’ll need is a survival kit to create an unforgettable time… And well, make it through all of your scheduled activities. For more information on what it takes to be a great bridesmaid, visit The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid.



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