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Intimate Wedding Venue

The Best Intimate Wedding Venues Ever

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Planning the small wedding of your dreams and looking for the perfect venue? Look no further! We have compiled a list of perfectly fitting Intimate Wedding Venues Ever that will accommodate your guests, suit your theme, and compliment your look – wedding dress and all. Keep reading for some Best Intimate Wedding Venues Ever inspiration on where you can have your wedding.

Bar/ Restaurant

Intimate Wedding Venue

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A Bar or restaurant is the perfect destination for the couple that wants top quality food at their wedding. If you and your partner are food lovers or food/ a specific restaurant is a significant part of your origin story, consider a restaurant for your wedding; it’s also the perfect destination to keep all of your events in one venue.

Repurposed Industrial Building

A repurposed building has so much potential while adding a little character to your wedding atmosphere. This type of building is perfect for great oversized decor pieces or moody color themes.

Historic Building

Any building with a little history to it can be an elegant and cozy backdrop for your wedding. Therefore, this type of building will perfectly compliment any vintage décor you may have or live out any nostalgic memories. It is going to be the perfect Intimate Wedding Venue for couples who love history.

Art Gallery/Museum

Are you looking for a minimal and clean space to host your wedding? Are history and art a part of your origin story? That’s why you should consider an art gallery or museum for your wedding venue. Perhaps a small room in an unexpected space is precisely what you need to spice up your small wedding.


Backyard weddings have every ounce of nostalgia, especially if it’s someone’s childhood home, and the two of you have known each other since diapers – too much cuteness to handle. If not for nostalgia, you can’t match the simplicity, beauty, and convenience of a backyard wedding! Therefore, making it the perfect reason to choose one for your intimate wedding plans.


If you and your hubby love the beach and having your toes in the sand, or just its beauty, we understand – we are too. The beach is a beautifully romantic setting for a wedding! Besides, it can work wonders for your photos all the way till sunset.

Intimate Wedding Venue

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Are you looking for something a little more unusual? Then, try a library! Moreover, library books can create just as beautiful of a backdrop as a beach if you think about it. Some more extensive libraries even have small event spaces that you absolutely can decorate to fit your theme!



Without a doubt, some couples have a kind of relationship that you can only match with a breathtaking view; if that’s the type of love you have, thus, consider getting married on a cliff. Hold each other close, say your I dos, and take in the views together as a married couple.


Maybe you’re not the outdoorsy type, but you’d still enjoy a breathtaking view. See if your city has lovely tall buildings with rooftops that are perfect for events. Getting married up in the sky is a sweet representation of how high your love makes you feel. For a different experience, consider saying your I dos from your family home balcony while your friends and family watch on from the backyard below.

Barn House

A barn house is one of the most versatile venues for your wedding. So, keep the charming rustic appearance or toss in some lighting and linens and transform your barn house into a more sophisticated setting.

Mountain top 

If you and your squad love adventures, consider taking a hike up a mountain to say I do. Nothing is more bonding than the experience of hiking up to a peak in your finest gear with your favorite people.


Why not consider tying together some of your food and beverage options with your venue of choice? Although very different in atmosphere, a brewery or winery both offer up quaint settings for your small group with the added benefit of beverage supply.


Intimate Wedding Venue

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If you’re looking for the perfect weekend getaway, consider planning a weekend away and getting hitched while you’re at it. Say your “I dos” on the dock while the sun is setting for some extraordinary photos, then kick back and relax!


If you and your partner are the outdoorsy types, why not place your wedding there too. Hang some fairy lights or claim your love for one another right under the moon and the stars. Not only it’s very romantic, but it is also a sweet wedding story.

National or Local Park

When your want to get married outside, think about getting hitched at a national park. Let the natural greens be a part of your wedding décor; it’s definitely the most affordable decorative option, and yet it’s still pleasing to the eyes.

Boat (Gondola, Yacht, Motor, Row)

It doesn’t get more private than getting married on a boat. With a few of your favorites, hold each other close and let the water carry you straight into your loving marriage – don’t forget the music to set the mood.

Hotel/Inn/Bed & Bath

Feel free to keep things simple and get married in a hotel, inn, or bed and bath. Ask if they have a smaller space, so you and your guests fit comfortably, but the room doesn’t look too empty and makes things feel awkward. Hotels are great for weddings, so you’ll be in good hands. It may be a slightly different experience at an inn or bed and bath, but still, you will have access to all accommodations!

Coffee Shop

Did you meet your special person at your local coffee shop? Were they your barista? Or did they ask to share a table? A coffee shop wedding is as cute and romantic as it gets. In the right location, the atmosphere may already be perfect to complement your ideal aesthetic, and it’s quaint enough to fit just the right amount of people.

Intimate Wedding Venue

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Dare for an adventure? Likely will work better for a tiny group of guests or a couple that plans to elope, a cave can be an exciting place to get married. Although it may be a little chilly, you will have incredible photos and even more fabulous memories and stories to tell.


On the rocks? In the water? On the dock? All of the above are attractive options for a beautiful – and yes, slightly wet – wedding. Nonetheless, a wedding with your toes dipped in the water, where it splatters by your toes, or where you can feel a nice breeze against its surface, will create an exciting wedding atmosphere.

Cherry Blossom Tree Field

We could not imagine a dreamier backdrop for a wedding. If you are a fan of nature and want to have a natural floral appearance to your wedding, there’s nothing more cost-effective and beautiful than being married under fluttering cherry blossom trees.



Many different choices – note that these suggestions offer up options for any small wedding size, whether you’re eloping or expecting 50 guests.  Hopefully, now your mind is fully inspired! The Best Intimate Wedding Venues Ever. Remember, no matter which type of space you and your partner choose, all that counts is whether the venue holds some significance to the two of you. For more info on small weddings, visit The Ultimate Guide to Small Weddings.



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