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The Biggest Wedding Trends of 2023

The Biggest Wedding Trends of 2023

Wedding trends change year after year, which means last year’s celebrations are very different from the ones that came the year before. From new wedding dress designs and accessories to the latest wedding traditions and decor ideas, the wedding industry changes constantly and more and more couples are finding creative ways to personalize their wedding day. So, what about the biggest wedding trends of 2023? To start, less traditional weddings, bright wedding dresses, and nontraditional floral components (like houseplants) are just a few of the stand-out ideas on our list!


So that you can familiarize yourself with the biggest wedding trends that will be taking over the wedding industry in 2023, we’ve put together this list!

Less Traditional Weddings

2023 couples want to go for something unique and unexpected this upcoming wedding season! While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing a traditional wedding in 2023, there’s always something captivating about all things nontraditional (weddings included). In fact, your wedding will feel even more special when it has a combination of personalized details and new traditions that are uniquely yours. From shorter wedding ceremonies and unconventional wedding receptions to having a friend or family member officiate the ceremony and having your dog walk you down the aisle, there are no rules when it comes to planning a nontraditional wedding.

Smaller Guest Lists

The pandemic saw weddings slim down in size. Even though the world and wedding industry are slowly getting back to normal, some couples still prefer a smaller guest list for their wedding. A wedding is truly about a couple and celebrating their love, so having a smaller guest count will allow the couple to really provide an experience for their favorite family members and friends. As a result, having a smaller guest list in 2023 will allow for a more heartfelt connection with your wedding guests.

The Biggest Wedding Trends of 2023

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Disposable Cameras

Disposable cameras are coming back as one of the most popular wedding trends of 2023! Most couples are opting to give their guests disposable cameras to capture their wedding day. But when should you give it to them? At the beginning of the ceremony? No. The perfect time for your wedding guests to use their disposable cameras  is during the reception. Guests will be able to take candid, fun photos of your big day. Moreover, they can capture more memorable moments, considering your photographer can only be in one place at any time during the wedding ceremony or reception.

Casual Wedding Hairstyles

2023 wedding hairstyle trends prove that less is more! Whether you want to have bridal braids, a messy bun, or wear your hair down, there are plenty of more casual and simple hairstyles that still look elegant and polished. Casual wedding hairstyles also fit any wedding dress style and wedding theme. While there’s nothing wrong with choosing a classic wedding hairstyle, 2023 brides-to-be find that natural waves, delicate curls, a high pony, or even a loose bun are all they need to look like the best version of themselves and feel comfortable on their wedding day.

Colorful Wedding and Bridesmaids’ Dresses

From colorful and playful floral prints to vibrant and unexpected colors, non-white wedding dresses are the biggest wedding trend of 2023. Soft pink, blue, purple, and yellow, are among some of the colors you’ll notice in bridal stores while dress shopping this year. This wedding season will be filled with vibrant, bold, and not-so-typical white wedding dresses. Not only do they look absolutely divine, but they are also the perfect way to reflect your personality and style. Whether you’re having a traditional wedding or a whimsical bohemian wedding, a colorful wedding dress will fit every style and color palette

Live Plants Decor

Another one of the  latest wedding trends to hit 2023 is the use of potted plants instead of floral arrangements! Not only is it a sustainable decor option, but they are also a great, less expensive, alternative to real flowers. Moreover, you can give them as wedding favors to your guests after the wedding day. From unique succulents and aromatic herbs to cute cacti and vibrant hydrangeas, potted flowers and greenery are great for decorating your wedding space! Mix up the shape, size, and color of your planters to keep things interesting. For a more whimsical look consider adding some candles to create a soft and enchanting glow.

Moody Color Palettes

Rich and bold colors are on trend in 2023! From Viva Magenta (Pantone color of the year) and sultry maroon to emerald green and burnt sienna paired with softer hues, a moody color palette will bring romance, elegance, and a touch of fantasy to your wedding day. This enchanting and vibrant color palette is a bold transition from the soft and pastel color palettes that were popular in the wedding industry for the last few years. A little bit bohemian, a little bit dark academia, a little bit cottagecore, and undeniably gorgeous! This color theme will work for any wedding theme and venue.

Stay Local

While one of the top trends for 2022 was destination weddings and destination-inspired ceremonies, it seems 2023 couples are opting to have their grand celebration at home. Many couples choose to have local weddings to reduce the expenses and to increase the chance of having all family and friends present. Not only does a local wedding mean more family and friends, couples can use their special day to be more eco-conscious and have locally-sourced food, drinks, and favors. The benefits of a local wedding could go on and on!

Return to the 80s

80s glam is coming back in a big way! Modern couples are opting for unconventional designs and unique colors to implement the 80s in their big days! In terms of what brides are wearing, expect to see more playful puff sleeves and feathers, sexy jumpsuits, bold bows, high necklines, and little white wedding dresses in the new year! While you can still look to models, magazines, and Princess Diana for inspiration, today’s fashion of the 80s is more elevated, elegant, and chic. Source your inspiration on TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram instead. Like wedding dresses, 80s cakes and wedding decor will definitely attract the attention of every person in the room. 


When it comes to planning a wedding, there are hundreds of details a couple needs to think about to make the perfect wedding day! With a full rainbow of the biggest wedding trends of 2023, the key to achieving a memorable and fun wedding day is balance. To see more wedding inspo and tips, be sure to check our wedding planning guides!


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