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The Bridal Boutique


Wedding Dress

The bridal boutique is where you purchase your wedding dress and is without a doubt one of the most important parts of your wedding experience. The bridal consultant is very knowledgeable and will guide you through the stressful process of purchasing the dress of your dreams by helping find the style that is best suited for your silhouette. Most bridal boutiques have a selection of the most up to date bridal fashions and accessories. Once you have decided on a wedding date, make an appointment for the wedding boutique, try to have a mid-week appointment to escape the busy time which is usually Saturdays. One the day of your appointment, bring along some wedding dress ideas from magazines or the website to make it easier for your wedding consultant to be on the same page as you. Also, bring undergarments and shoes like the ones you plan to wear on your wedding day; this will help with how the dress will fit and how much alteration is needed on the hemline. Make sure you give her a budget to work with, you wouldn’t want her to show you a dress you will love only to find out its way above your budget.

The bridal consultant may show you some sample sale dresses that are on the sale rack, this can be a great buy. These are usually styles from past seasons that are sold to make room for newer fashions. Keep in mind these dresses have been tried on but are usually in great shape and sometimes may need a dry clean. Also, some boutiques have an annual clearance sale that may include stock samples or dresses that are discontinued. If it’s possible to buy a dress off the rack with or without having to make alterations the savings would be amazing.

Some bridal boutiques are lucky to be able to have a trunk show. This is the event of a sale that gives the store access to the most up to date bridal fashions, sometimes before it is made available to the general public. In some cases, the designer of the dress collections will come along to the boutique to help with promotions, and over the trunk show sale period (usually for a weekend) you may receive a small discount off the dress purchase.

Best Wedding Dress

Since wedding reality T.V. shows have arrived most wedding boutiques have found an increase in wedding parties who are escorting the bride to shop for the dress, and in most cases, they are more than the wedding boutique can handle. Sometimes there are up to 10 friends and family members accompanying the bride to vote on what dress they like most for the bride, this only causes more stress for the bride as you cannot please the whole group with your decision. Some like one dress and some another, so most wedding boutiques have a limit to how many guests the bride can have at the boutique while shopping for the wedding dress. It’s best to select one or two people whose opinions you trust.

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