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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties


The Bride's Survival Guide: Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

If you want to cross the traditional, considering a joint party for bachelors and bachelorette is a good idea. Some may say that it is not as fun but it is considering that planning was done right.

If this is how you want to celebrate this momentous and life-changing event, there are some advantages and disadvantages you need to consider ensuring that your decision is right.


Here are some of the reasons why couples opt for a joint celebration:

  • He is having fun while you are around

There is nothing better than seeing your soon to be husband happy. Sharing his happiness with you is a gem.

  • You can get to know his friends

You might have met his friends over coffee but you were not given enough time to know each other well. This party can allow you to be friends with his friends, and him with yours.

  • It is cheaper

One celebration is cheaper than two. Combining two parties can give you a cheaper alternative.


If there are advantages, there are disadvantages you may want to know about co-ed celebrations:

  • You cannot spend much time with the girls

Your time will be divided not just with your friends and partner but his friends too. This is one of the dilemmas co-ed parties usually have, and with this, some guests remain unnoticed until the end of the party.

  • Introvert may not find this event exciting at all

And since introverts find it hard to feel comfortable being around with the opposite sex, they may end up disliking the party and hating why he/she was there.

  • He may take the limelight

You are sharing the limelight with your partner, and in some cases, if your partner is more sociable, they may take the limelight completely away from you. It is your day so getting as much attention as possible is only normal.


Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Ideas

You must inform the participants earlier on that it is a co-ed bachelor and bachelorette party so they are not caught off guard. If you haven’t decided yet on what kind of party to throw, you can get ideas on the below:

  • Friendly competition

Make the event fun and interactive for all participants. Rent a field or a gym and play different relay games, football, soccer, and more. Letting the boys and girls compete would surely bring extreme happiness for everyone.

  • Road trip

If you are planning to bring them outside the city make sure to provide transportation where everyone can ride. Rent a bus or a van and start the party while on the road. Your destination must hype the event even more, like bars, casinos, and more.

  • Adult sleep camps

Who says camps are only for kids? There are many camps where you can bring your friends and together enjoy different activities like yoga, cooking classes, and more. This is a fun field and productive activity everyone would surely enjoy.

  • Camping

This is another exciting activity to celebrate a bachelor and bachelorette party. Bonfires, tents, s’ mores, hot dogs and cans of beers would light up this event.

  • Backyard barbecue

If you find it more convenient to stay at home backyard barbecue is a good idea. Although this may be time and effort demanding on your end, it is cheaper and can let you have fun as long as you want.

  • Amusement parks

Bring the child back in you and go to amusement parks. Exciting rides, hot dogs, and ice cream can surely make the day of every participant.


  • Yacht party

Sail away and enjoy a yacht party with your friends. This may be a bit more expensive but the fun and the intimacy this could bring on the event is massive.

  • Beach or pool party

Celebrate the end of your singleness on a beach or a pool. This without a doubt is a blockbuster as everyone loves the water and partying.

Things To Include On The Invitation

Whether it is an e-invite or a hard copy invitation, all information participants need to know must be there. Some of the things you need to include on the invitation are:

  • The date, time, and location of the event: It has to be specific, do not assume it is understood. Write the year of the event, not just the month and the day, the time must be in either military time or PM/AM is specified. Provide the exact address, even if it is in your house and they have been there a couple of times. Include a map if necessary.

  • Indicate the party’s theme and the activities: Let them arrive at the event prepared. If they need to bring extra clothing, tell them so.

  • Let them know if fees are necessary or they need to bring food

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