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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Bridal Shower


A wedding is not a simple ceremony, it is a ceremony that can change the groom and bride’s life completely. Before the groom and the bride can do whatever, they want, decide on their own and plan for their future, but as soon as the tie is knotted, the two will become one. Everything will change the moment that the ceremony has ended.

To make this life-changing event memorable, a bridal shower for the bride and a stag party for the groom is celebrated. Sure, the soon to be bride and soon to be groom’s schedule is hectic because of the many things they need to prepare and arrange for their wedding, but that should not excuse them from having fun with their friends.

Some would rather celebrate the stag party and bridal shower together, but some still prefer the traditional way.

When preparing for a bridal shower, you must take into consideration the tips and guidelines stated below.

Bridal shower guidelines

Of course, this event is very special for the bride, hence it is only necessary that all-important factors are considered.

· Check attendance

Invited girls on the bridal shower may have work or domestic responsibilities hence advising them earlier is necessary. Who is attending, who cannot attend? The attendance of the participants must be verified earlier so the organizer will not have a hard time arranging and managing specifics of the event.

Informing the participants early can give them time to prepare and make their schedules vacant at the time of the event.

Invitations can be sent through a card, through email, a call or verbally. However, you want to send the message, make sure it will reach the attendees.


· Plan for a ride

Some bridal showers require participants to move from one place to another. Having one ride to bring them from different places is not only convenient but fun too.

Also, if the bride is completely unaware of the event, it is best if all guests arrive in the area at the same time, so the surprise will not get spoiled.

Renting a ride can add to your expenses, but you will never regret sparing some dollars to make this available.

· Limit the event to your budget

Even how much you want to go to the beach, rent a yacht or ride a plane if your budget does not allow you to do so, forgetting about this idea is necessary. A fun and exciting bridal shower is not necessarily expensive, there are many ways you can give the bride a blast for cheap. Be creative and remember, you do not have to break your bank account just to make this event happen.

· Ask for recommendations

If you cannot decide on your own, asking other participants can be considered. Ask them for recommendations. You may have not experienced attending bridal showers but for sure, one of the attendees must have attended one. Ask around and take their suggestions seriously.


If everyone has no idea, you can try checking online. There are many ideas online you can consider. You can also join forums where bridal showers are discussed. You can throw questions there and ask for help from more experienced people.

· Set a type of bridal shower you know everyone can enjoy

Not all brides enjoy bars and wild party, some would like simplicity and relaxation. A bridal shower comes in different forms, it can be going to the bars, setting a spa bridal shower, a pool party, etc., whatever form you want it to be, make sure that it is something that the bride and the members of the entourage would enjoy.

Take a survey on what the participants would love, also consider what the bride would want. You are organizing the event because you are close to the bride, hence considering things you know she can enjoy must be incorporated with the party you are preparing for her.


· Reserve venues in advance

Make sure that venues, where you prefer to celebrate this important occasion, are reserved in advance. You would not want to wait on the line to be served. The bride should enjoy every minute of the event, hence wasting your time waiting for your turn is not a good idea at all.

If you are planning to celebrate the event in a bar, make a seat reservation earlier or if you want it intimate in a hotel, make a room reservation a few weeks before the event.

Waiting on the line is not a good idea not only for the bride to be but for the rest of the attendees as well.

The bridal shower can give the bride not only relaxation but a chance to maximize her singleness, hence it is only right that you make it very special for her.


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