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The Bride's Survival Guide: Bridal Shower Invitation

Brides are the most stressed and the most excited about weddings. That is why as their entourage and closest friends, it is your responsibility to help her get through it with class and elegance. Preparing a bridal shower for her is ideal, as it does not only give her a break but can also make her realize that her old way and lifestyle are about to come to an end.

To make the bridal shower complete and successful, sending away bridal shower invitations is a good idea. But, a bridal shower invitation is no ordinary invitation, there are things you can do to make the invitation work to its purpose.

Considerations when sending out bridal shower invitation

There are many things to consider when sending bridal shower invitation, and to help you get started with this project, read through some of the guidelines below:

· Send it at least 6 weeks in advance

Sending it earlier than 6 weeks is a good idea. You are inviting adults female, who might have domestic responsibilities or working, hence you must give them enough time to prepare and organize their schedule. Some, because invitations were sent later, they are left without a choice but to decline the invite.

If you already have a place, date and time in mind, do not think twice about sending the invitation immediately. This is also a good way for you to assess the number of attendees earlier. Although the bride is very special, you still have to consider the invitees’ schedule.

· Make the information clear and concise

To make sure that they will arrive, send the message clear and concise. The location should be specific. If the area is hard to find, it is best to include a map so they can reach the destination faster. You may also want to give ideas on where they can park their cars so it won’t consume their time.

Sending the message across must be done in a very clear manner.

· Open a contact number for questions and inquiries

One of the things the host usually forgets is including a number where invitees can send their questions and inquiries. Some are left clueless on what they need to do or where to exactly go, hence they would end up not going. Yes, using the internet to communicate is rampant but believe it or not, some people would still prefer a call or an SMS. Also, by leaving a number to call on the invitation allows your guests to get accurate and unified information.

· Request for an RSVP

Yes, RSVP is also recommended for bridal shower invitation. Some are shy to include the word RSVP on the invitation as it may look demanding but if you will come to think about it, this can help the host manage the upcoming event better. Sure, the host needs the number so she knows the number of seats she will reserve or the number of stubs she needs to get. Do not give the host a hard time, let her get the information she needs immediately.

Arranging an event is hard and even harder if you have no idea about the headcount.

· Make your invitation appealing

Forget about a plain sheet of invitation, make your invitation look very appealing to the eyes. Most busy women would not give much attention to invitations that do not look appealing, they may think that it is just another form of telemarketing. Sending an invitation that looks extra appealing can give anyone the urge of opening it.

Do not hesitate to get ideas from different invitation designs online or seek help from your other friends.

· Include the agenda

Yes, an agenda should be included in the invitation. By indicating the agenda, the invitee will have an idea of what she needs to prepare or bring. If you are planning to consider a spa party, make sure it is indicated on the invitation so they can wear comfortable clothes, the same as with a swimming party so they can bring their swimsuit.

· Do not feel shy to solicit

If you do not have enough money to fund the bridal shower, do not hesitate to solicit from your invitees. You can ask for a potluck so they can bring food or pay their entrance fee or pay for the food they will eat. All these must be written on the invitation so they know what to expect.

There are many things you need to know when sending invitations, and all these must be considered to ensure that message will be sent across. Some may think that sending invitation is an old school, but actually, it is not considering the many benefits it can provide not just to the invitees but the host and the bride to be as well.

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