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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Entertainment

At your wedding, you want not just you and your groom happy but all your guests too. There are a lot of ways to make this event memorable, there are many wedding entertainments available for you to incorporate with your wedding.

The options are endless, but there are factors you need to consider along with choosing the right entertainment to include in your wedding:

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Your guests

There is much entertainment but not all of them suit your guests. Make the entertainment suitable for the crowd’s interest.

Your budget

Yes, there are so many entertainment types to consider for your wedding, but you have to think about your budget. As much as you want to have them all, you have to stick with what you can afford.

Your wedding theme

Choose entertainments that fit the theme of your event.

Ideas Perfect For Wedding Entertainment

There are many types of wedding entertainment to choose from, but below are the most in-demand.


Everyone would like to strike a pose in front of a photo booth. If you will notice, to any events, not only to weddings, a photo booth is where everyone lines up, even how long the queue is. They patiently wait for their turn and strike their best poses wearing cute kinds of stuff available on the booth.


Inviting a magician for your wedding will not only entice adults but settle children as well. Tell your magician to perform not only during the cocktail time but mid-meals too. This is a good way to entertain your guests.

Fortune Teller

A mystery in your reception can be intriguing but exciting. Tell the fortune teller to do his/her rounds and give your guests a good fortune-telling session during meals. You can go for either a tarot card reader or a palm reader.

A bar

Give your guests enough beers and cocktails to drink. Make the bar available to serve drinks throughout the night. Choose a bar that offers a huge selection of drinks, including mocktails for guests that do not drink alcohol.

Who says ice cream station is only for kiddie parties? Give your wedding a different twist by making ice cream stations available. This would give added life to your party and excitement to everyone else.Ice cream station

best wedding dresses

Calla Blanche 19119 Emma @Vanessahicksphotography

A video box

Get rid of the old tradition where guests write down messages for the groom and the bride. A video box where guests can record their messages is a better idea as it does not require too much effort on their end. It is also easier to keep for a long time.


If the wedding ceremony and reception are not enough, organizing an after-party is a good idea. Here, everyone can go all out, dance and drink until they drop and relax.


Watching fireworks at night is not only magical but extravagant too. This can be a bit pricey but it will surely add grace to your wedding. There are simple fireworks you can consider if you are short of budget.

Casino Tables

Bring Las Vegas at your wedding reception and let everyone enjoy playing the casino. Instead of using real money, let the dealers prepare fake money to distribute to guests.

A temporary tattoo station

Letting your guests try a quirky tattoo on your wedding day is a good idea. This entertainment is best paired with a photo booth.


This is not the simple huge bubbles you see on parties, as bubbles on the wedding need the expertise of a bubbleologist. They can make up amazing shapes, bubbles with smoke, and even bubbles where you and your guests can stand insider.

Circus performers

This eye-catching entertainment will surely give everyone a great experience. Fire dancers, acrobats, contortionists, acrobats, jugglers, and stilt walkers would surely give your wedding fun and excitement.

Children’s entertainment

If you are expecting a handful of children at your wedding, come up with entertainment that can tame them down and put them on their best behavior. You can hire a face painter, or rent a bouncy castle.

Karaoke booth

This is a perfect entertainment to make your guests bond and spend quality time together. Let them sing their hearts out and film it for a hilarious keepsake.

Coffee artists

For your coffee lover friends, coffee artists would be a sure hit. Give your guests a kick of caffeine in an artistic manner.

Hot chocolate bar

This is perfect entertainment especially if it is a winter wedding. Let them pimp their chocolate drinks with chocolate flakes, marshmallows, cream, and more.

Singing waiters

Let all your guests up on their feet and dance as the waiters sing and perform.

Photo scavenger hunt

Let your guests feel the challenge and have fun taking photos of things included on the hunt. From your wedding dress to a selfie with the groom and more.

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